June Update on the Store

We rounded out the month with a glorious day on Saturday, June 27th. Not only was it the 13th Annual Lucky Duck Race in town, but the weather was perfect for being out and about. The Lions Club holds a fund-raising event that involves dumping over 2,000 yellow rubber ducks in the Nubanusit River and catching them down stream where the brook joins the Contoocook River. The duck that crosses the finish line first wins it’s ‘owner” $1,000. The sponsor of the last duck gets a free duck next year.

We held a mini farmer’s market with three of our vendors, a band played on the lower patio and barbecue was featured on the upper deck. Though the rest of the town was celebrating with sidewalk sales and music, it appeared everyone gathered at The Grove Village Shops. We are collaborating more and more as the addition of Joe’s café has allowed us to boast the building as the newest gourmet destination in Peterborough.

Grove Street-3503
Benjamin’s amazing cheese from the Temple-Wilton Community Farm
Grove Street-3495-Edit
The Boogie Men Rocking the patio

Grove Street-3482-Edit Grove Street-3486 Grove Street-3489

What a great way to kick off the summer in The Monadnock Region!!


*Photo credits Laura Mahoney of L and S Photography and TouringNH.com



15 thoughts on “June Update on the Store”

  1. Now this looks like summer has arrived. People like events outdoors. Can almost smell those strawberries.
    One of the local farms where we pick fresh produce closed yesterday – so much rain and now very hot weather has taken a toll on the tomatoes and produce. Oh, the fresh picked tomatoes – we enjoy them while we can.

    1. So sad about your local farm! We don’t have local tomatoes yet and I haven’t seen any corn. Two of my all time favorites! The strawberries were heavenly, nothing like the tasteless ones in the grocery.

      1. Winnie-the Pooh! The adult books masquarading as children’s books? (Not Disney saccharin version) We stand one side of a bridge (over a river/stream) and drop twigs, then race to the other side to see whose stick comes out first. Great fun and disputes if markers fall off!

    1. We had an ad in the ELF and I did do some promotion but the local papers make it tough to get attention. I will be sure to let you know of upcoming events. Next cooking demo is this Saturday from noon to 4pm if you are around!

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