Ripples in the routine…

It was a day unlike any other, though so full of comfortable routines. Up at the crack of          dawn to meet at the barn and head out to an equine event. I have done it so often through the years but every time is a new adventure.

The comfortable routine of all gathering in the kitchen to discuss our days events while cooking a sumptuous dinner. Though we have only been housemates for three weeks, Hanni, B, and I have found a comfortable routine of camaraderie. For their part, the dogs have adopted an amazingly calm and comfortable sense of the day. Thelma, Chuck, Alice and I are up and moving first in the house. They all dash out to greet the wet green grass while I start my coffee. Skeedles the cat comes in from a night of carousing; we have some quality time while she eats and tells me all about her nightly forays.

Food aggression and possessiveness has disappeared so juggling three dog bowls is manageable. They eat while coffee is dispensed for me.

This morning all routine went out the window. I was up and out of the house by 6:40, my four-footed companions ate and went back to bed before I was through the door. Ava was taking my mare, Night, to a schooling event.

Our stories intertwine, a subtle pattern emerges and we all find a comfortable warp and weave. We move through time, though some of those moments are when you find heart-stopping beauty in youth and teamwork.

A Twenty-one year old competitor and her little girl. Do what you love!!

13 thoughts on “Ripples in the routine…

    • Thank you Doppleganger. She certainly is the energizer bunny! It was so hot and muggy but when she stood in the start box for her count-down to go cross country, she was ready to go. They are a great partnership.

  1. Early mornings – and having a bit of time to get out and savor them is the best.
    What a great line: “Skeedles the cat comes in from a night of carousing; we have some quality time while she eats and tells me all about her nightly forays.” Now that’s real. You are certainly a close observer of nature and life

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