Pray for Paris, Pray for Humanity

Hanni and I settled across the table from each other and opened our laptops. It had been 24 hours since we had been in the real world. Our trip to Maine was total immersion in family, friends, memories, and new milestones. We both perused our emails and social feeds. There were pictures from Lexie’s performance and emails. “Why is everyone changing their Facebook profile to “Support for Paris?  What happened in Paris?” we said at once. I looked across at her and felt dread.

We  started to search and the horror unfolded for us as it had  for the world over the past day. Evil had struck once again and the death toll was staggering. I’m sure flashes of the Paris that was, prior to November 13th  crammed other’s vision. I have never been there, but the dead feeling in my core was the same as when I sat in disbelief, watching 911 unfolded. Can it make a difference in a world gone mad to change your social media status? Is it enough of a statement or does one have to ask, “What more can one person do to stop the insanity?”

I am neither religious, nor politically inclined yet I can’t help pray to the greater powers for the fate of humanity; and beg those with minor powers to react swiftly. I think we all should be very afraid of the loss of our life-styles and even our lives…

Hope for Paris


7 thoughts on “Pray for Paris, Pray for Humanity”

  1. As I have been to Paris, many times, and it’s just across the water from me, this horror seemed all the more real. It seems unbelievable that such a thing should happen is this most romantic of places where, not so long ago, we strolled along the Seine hand in hand without a care in the world. The world is sometimes a terrible place.

    1. Indeed Marie. I think Paris touched so much of the world and most of all, those who know the city intimately like you. I don’t understand the horror one must live with to die and take so many innocent lives with them. Dying for some cause seems like an oxymoron. You can’t really push it forward, now can you?

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