The Notebook…

In addition to blogging and journaling, I am an inveterate note taker and list maker. Every Christmas, I give myself a handful of small, spiral bound books and at the end of the year I find myself digging through the last one for clean page. Grocery lists, to-do lists, wish lists, blog post suggestions/ideas, snippets of my day in weather reports and observations; a year’s worth of doodling on torn pages reveal my music likes, scribbled above recipes and menus.

Balance √-book appears regularly on the lists as does Pay Bills. Beyond those regulars are nuggets of wisdom such as the email address for the Apple fraud department. Pages are filled with the minutia of life. As I flipped through looking for just a scrap to note my to-do list for the next day, I saw the last page was still pristinely blank. There is still more to be done this year…


14 thoughts on “The Notebook…”

  1. I am also a maker of lists. They vary from things-to-do today to much longer lists like things-to-do this season. I always enjoy crossing things off my lists. It brings a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps the last page is for you to make a lists of things you can do for yourself, things which will make you happy. Do you pre-fill the last line with “Buy more notebooks?”

  2. Likewise. I make lists as well.

    One of my favorite, recurring lists is one that I label: What’s Ahead for the Rest of the Year (or for the coming year as in What’s Ahead for 2016). It helps me to focus on what’s to come and to delight in coming events (or, alternately, to dread a duty of sorts!).

    My sister Lorie is a master of lists which our mother often critiques and mocks. No surprise there as Mom is horrible at keeping track of things and is extremely detail-deficient!

    I love planning things and having something to look forward to is all part of the fun!

    1. Ah, you are a much better list maker than I Julie! My planning usually doesn’t go that far but I did come across my original “bucket list” in a notebook from three years ago when I left my corporate job. Happily, much of it was crossed off. I thin the crossing off is the most satisfying part!
      Merry Christmas!

  3. Handwriting! You are a brave woman, resurrecting a talent from yesteryear. This year, for the first time in decades, I hand-wrote a very few select greeting cards to send. What a lovely feeling writing them by hand. (as I ‘type’ this message, I am munching on a sparkling cranberry!)

    1. Interesting that you picked up on that, Susan. My handwriting has become atrocious but I still write a lot of things on paper rather than type it all. Thank you. Glad you are enjoying the sparkling treats!

  4. I have several notebooks laying around the house. I keep telling myself to use up one at a time but can’t seem to do so. I keep one in the car so I can jot things down and of course, my never-ending to-do list notepad on my desk.

  5. Terri and I are both devoted list-makers Martha. I suspect that it goes back to our corporate days. We’re even so anal about it that if we finish a task that wasn’t on the list, we add it to the list so we can immediately cross it off. 🙂 ~James

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