The year in the rear-view mirror…


I don’t know about the rest of the world, but this time of year Americans fill the airwaves with The Year In Review, We make lists of the accomplishments and disasters, the births and deaths, the joys and trauma’s encountered over the past 12 months. I thought I would get a jump on the media blitz with my own small version of 2015 from the rear-view mirror.

15 Memories from 2015

  1. I entered my third year of cranking out this drivel I call my blog.
  2. The snow was epic.
  3. A plane left from Surabaya bound for Singapore and mysteriously disappeared.
  4. I said good-bye to three pets.
  5. The store was named Business of the Year
  6. My two bee hives were dead in the spring and I had to restart.
  7. Hanni came home and my girls were finally in my timezone again.
  8. A super moon and a lunar eclipse all in one night
  9. The bees gave back 100 pounds of honey
  10. Alice and I went on a writing retreat and learned to focus on the moment
  11. Paris exploded in violence akin to 9-11 and the world was rocked once again
  12. A man became a woman and then was honored as Woman Of The Year
  13. I waged an all out battle with the mice, squirrels and a chipmunk or two
  14. Politics and the Presidential election took over the air waves and my land-line phone every night
  15. Lex and Shana announced their plans to wed, making me a very proud Mummo

Not a bad year in many ways but the low points should not be overlooked, nor the lessons learned.

Selamat Hari Natal to all…



23 thoughts on “The year in the rear-view mirror…”

  1. Yes It has been quite a year in many ways. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and every blessing for the New Year! Oh and I put a very bad picture of sound cushions – eventually- on my blog! Keep up the drivel!!! If in doubt put Alice up! 🙂

  2. While evil, disharmony, (extremely) bad manners and poor judgment continues to abound, we are hopeful and encouraged by acts of kindness and good cheer. Merry Christmas, Martha. Wishing you and yours all the very best!

  3. Oh you did include a picture of your tree – I started to ask in the last post. Great touch the icicles!
    Quite a year done. #10 and #13 made me smile. A few days to pause before jingling on to the next.
    Hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

  4. It looks like an exciting year on your end Martha, but you seem to be fairing well through the bitter and sweet – if for no other reason than 100 pounds of honey. 🙂 Terri and I truly appreciate that you still follow along and we hope that you have a fun, relaxing holiday and a wonderful 2016. ~James

    1. Thank you Joyce. I had to learn to narrow my field, from minor disappointments in my perceived “vacation home” to the reality of just being. I saw wonderful thunderstorms and disconnected from the world for a spell. Perhaps there is more to be said…?

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