It’s  a six year. The five years are always monumental; I was born in a five year – 1955. This means I’m currently facing a funk of unproductive naval-gazing. I’m stepping off a ledge to find new ways up, (or down first if that is the direction required.) I have no doubt in my ability to maneuver the steps, just questions about the turns in the path.

So this is me at a juncture, creatively and emotionally, where I sit back and my small, quiet voice asks “What if you threw all the cards in the air once again?” There are parts of life that will be stable and predictable. I will get up and walk Alice regardless of the weather and she will dance when I sing the “Doggie Doggie Dinner” song, even at breakfast. Because the truth is, dinner or breakfast – eating is joy. I will  cook for those I love. A simple stew of 16 beans and ham went from dinner just for me one night, to lunch at my elderly friend’s farm and dinner for Wilson. I have a small portion frozen for when I can face eating it again. New faces and routines may replace daily practices as I slip into the new year.

I will write. This has been a very dry spell, a point where I looked at what I had written for yesterday’s post and thought, “Really? You should just call this What I Got For Christmas! and bury it!!” I am churning through the pages of my virtual journal but nothing seems cohesive enough to unleash on the word.  Best I scale back and give some careful thought to my goals. Is it to garner “followers” and stats or to create a thought that touches someone else?

The first real snow storm of the season has me holed up in my clean and reorganized office. Staring out the window, seeking inspiration in the silent drifts and frantic birds at the feeder, I set aside the nagging thoughts of potential failure. There is no defeat in trying.

I have this week off and a to-do list beckoning me to cross things off, but like Terri and James I may add a few tasks I accomplished, then instantly cross them off as well. Some habits are universal.

From my small corner to all who have been patient, kind and supportive of me over the last twelve months; I wish us all peaceful, creative days in this new year. Watch for the twists in the path and love those who bring you comfort.


22 thoughts on “2016

  1. We’ve done it! Found our way through another year, overcoming the obstacles and rejoicing where we found happiness. As you pointed out when you went on your retreat, it is almost always the little things. If you decide to throw the cards into the air again, one thing is certain…some WILL land face up. Wishing you nothing but the best in 2016 (and always!)

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  3. Self doubt always seems rife at this time of year. I throw my cards into the air in September and, so far, they haven’t landed again. It will be an interesting year for us both no doubt. Just keep on writing 🙂

  4. Your mind is a busy place to be. Your body is able to accommodate the outward manifestations of a clear mind. The result is reflected in the energy of your writing, keep it up.
    We (group) are going to the Inn at Crotched Mountain for Early New Year dinner and fireworks, then we all usually poopout and head home to watch the ball drop. Like having two celebrations, one with or friends and one with just the two of us with Jack. Public and private, just the way I like it.
    Happy New Year, see you soon,
    I love you too much. (Comma optional)


  5. From one 55er to another 55er, I like to think about the numbers. 1955 adds up to 20, as does 55+55=20. 1955+1955=40. 20 and 40 are just nice numbers and if you add these two they equal 60, our youthful age.

  6. I love that picture – not just the design/compositions/textures – the idea of it – off without a trail – with the sounds and touch of air. The effort – to go on just because.
    Exciting reset. May your new year be filled with grand adventures and much delight

  7. I think I read all these date backwards at the moment. We all go through these thoughts My son gave me a box full of words. I put them on the tumble dryer and stood there with a pen and nortebook and wrote what ever I saw. It was such a relief to have new words and juxtapositions and rhythms-never can spell that word-I felt rejuvenated. Please note I only use the dryer for towels and his vests and only for 30 mins at most …

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