Doggie Day Care Time!

One of the perks of being on a “flexible” schedule (sometimes called retirement, or unemployment in my case) is the ability to offer help. Hanni and B’s cabin is on an amazing property that also happens to be for sale. They are not concerned about the lease but when the house is shown to prospective buyers, the dogs need to find a home for the day. The “cousins” as I call them were here for two days last week. Everyone got along exceedingly well and Alice’s toys survived. Skeedles the cat would disagree since she spent all Monday in my loft office glaring down at the canine capers and all Friday outside.



PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HUSKY! At 2, Gaia is the baby.

I enjoy the pack, they are fascinating to watch, full of personalities and generally well-behaved. They are dogs, there are 4 of them so a certain amount of mayhem is to be expected. I live in the woods at the end of a driveway with no view from the street. Visitors are rare but the pack on patrol manages to alert me of any intrusion. (squirrels, neighborhood cats, neighbors on their own property.)


We work on manners, as they rush expectantly and pile up in a lump of legs before the door. I assume my Drill Sargent voice and command they sit and wait. The husky throws back her head and softly howls, overruling my speech with “Oh but why???” or maybe she is just laughing at me. They burst into the yard when released, a flurry of 16 feet and four tails pounding down the decking only to freeze in mid-dash and survey the yard with noses tilted to the wind.


They remind me how important it is to just stay present, to go with the flow and seek joy in the moment. Skeedles the cat has a different opinion…

13 thoughts on “Doggie Day Care Time!

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