A bonus day

2016 is two months old and we have a bonus day this month. I sat down to think about where life has taken me so far this year. It has been the start of new adventures. I am working my way through what working will mean this chapter; what do I want to do and what is necessary to support a roof over my head. It is easier to say what I won’t do at this stage of life. I won’t  physically grow or reproduce. Functional activity is key to my mental wellbeing.

Google states the following as a description for life and I agree:

the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death

February 29, 2016 is my day to take stock, the bonus day when, yes the usual business of life must be attended to, but it should also serve as an added day of reflection and planning. Here’s what I know so far:

  1. I need to reinvent employment. Four months remain on my unemployment payments and as meager as they are, they count toward buying the groceries and paying the mortgage.
  2. That leads me to number two. The mortgage has to go. I have outlived the usefulness of this home, it is too large and after ten years it is time for it and I to part ways.
  3. This is the beginning of my fourth year outside the world of suits, high heels and fashion. Time to clean out the closets; moving will necessitate a reduction in inventory. While this climate requires seasonal wardrobe changes, I can simplify the number of choices.

Interestingly, as I write my thoughts, it occurs to me if I were to look back at where I was on the last February 29th I would have to go back four years. There have been a lot of therapeutic misadventures along the way.

What are you doing with your bonus day?


19 thoughts on “A bonus day

  1. Yes, get those suits out of the closet (OK keep one for sudden occasions when necessary). Getting them out will free your mind of that nagging thread. And maybe place all your shoes in the closet going in the same direction and keep them that way all year – my Asian friends always tell me to remember and check before Lunar New Year as it’s supposed to keep you going in one direction without distractions during the year. Who knows? It does seem to order the mind and thoughts in one direction do count?
    May you find the perfect spot to live. Environment makes a difference body and soul. Leaving a house is always a trail, but a leaving is a beginning to a new road. And perhaps the house will be pleased to shelter another as it has you.

    • One frivolous suit and a pair of cruel shoes just for old time sake. Had to laugh at lining up the shoes. I always alternate directions as I discovered you can fit more shoes that way! Doesn’t that just tell me something? I feel this house will be a wonderful retreat to the next owners as it has been to me.

  2. As I recall, you have quite a collection of lovely suits and heels. Might you take a moment to look up an upscale consignment shop on the internet, close to the city that you might take them to for some ready cash? I keep seeing things on TV where we are all sitting on small fortunes in our closets, just waiting for new homes… books, games, cameras, tack, collections of all sorts… down sizing your house can certainly put some cash in your pockets if you find a good place to sell them. Might make the culling more fun if you look at times for “resale” ! An extra day in the year might be just the day to look into it!

    • Already on it Dopp! My friend Dianne found me a high end shop and I’ve located a school collecting prom gowns, that should clean out at least two closets! I may hold back on one suit and pair of heels for old time sake. 😉

  3. What am I doing? Cleaning the house! And because we downsized several years ago, cleaning is simple and I will have ample time for contemplation later. Hurrah for your decision to simplify life. About ten years ago, we re-organized our bigger suburban house down to the things we needed, and honestly, I never missed all that surplus. Then, four years ago we moved to the bungalow. We live in 600 square feet – with two retreat sheds to get away from each other, and spacious outdoor decks – we sacrificed space and improved life. And, if you can manage it, living without a mortgage is a wonderful relief, especially if you are not using all the space that mortgage buys. Best of luck – Susan

    • You hit the nail on the head. I am not using all the space the mortgage buys and I’m sick of paying for it AND having to clean it when I don’t even use it! So why does it need cleaning, painting,maintaining? Thank you Susan. Here’s to finding my bungalow!

    • Oh Mr. Jim! Where would we be without Sadie Hawkins Day! I instantly was transported back to junior high school and the Sadie Hawkins Dance where the girls asked the boys. Thank you for keeping the flame alive.

  4. I’ve thought of doing the same thing but then I found that I couldn’t live anywhere else for as little as I do here. Apartments are very expensive in Keene these days, and probably more so in Peterborough. But I wish you luck and remind you that it always seems to work out. When we look back on our lives we see that there are really very few times that it didn’t.

    • It’s really kind of freeing to know all the cards are being thrown in the air and anything goes. Scary at times but I have faith in exactly what you said, it always seems to work out. Thank you.

  5. Oddly, my post about 29 February called it a bonus day too. I spent it walking by the river with CJ and then in the woods. What’s the point of a bonus day if you don’t enjoy it? Moving house is a big change but I can see why you are thinking of it. We don’t have a mortgage any more (paid off last year) but the thought of living somewhere smaller and easier to clean is tempting. Where to put all the stuff though? We seem to have so much of it.

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