Simplify and be aware of this moment …

The baby bullock, who is no longer a baby, stood under the shed roof of the red barn. Snow, melting on the metal roof, was running off and his head  twisted round to catch the stream on his tongue. Of course this splashed it  into his large round eyes. A full course of head shaking and massive licking repeated several times before I realized he was playing. There was a full tub of water and the manger was fresh with hay but this was a simple, joyous game. We had an unwelcome 4 inches of snow yesterday making the bright April sun more inviting than ever today.

Gunther had a visit from a foot masseuse; throwing our schedule into disarray but it was pure pleasure  watching the comfort it brought him and having a new person to share him with. Julia was quiet and calming. We introduced ourselves as she settled in with wonderful oils scented with rosemary, lemongrass/peppermint, camomile, and Gunther’s choice – yarrow. She filled a stainless steel container (oddly reminiscent of a farm water bucket) with smooth river stones and hot water. The yarrow oil added an earthy, healing scent. She is downsizing, selling her home and wants to keep bees. ‘Small World’ connections abound.

I set off to the kitchen. I have become quite comfortable in Elise’s kitchen. The pots and pans are familiar; the dance steps from stove to sink to fridge are second nature. It’s odd to be so ingrained in other’s lives when you live otherwise in solitude. Must be my Gemini nature that seeks extremes.

At the end of his session, I needed to take care of some minor medical issues. Gunther was shaky and weak. When he and I managed to stand together, I looked out and the bullock was still at his game. The two newest baby bullocks were dancing in the snowy field while the moms all nestled into the warming earth.  Gunther was shrunken in on himself, a simple response was hard to muster. “Look at your silly cows!”

When he stretched up, raised his head and looked out, his body became young again. The shakes stopped and he towered over me, grinning at his animals.

Did I find a job today? no

Did I sell my house today? no

Am I three months into the next Therapeutic Misadventure with no concrete prospects for survival? yes

Since I have no crystal ball, I have to believe that what goes on every day, the little moments are part of the grand scheme. My current job is to  just focus on them and enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Simplify and be aware of this moment …”

  1. A bullock playing water games, too funny. People don’t generally think of domesticated animals having fun or personality, but I’ll bet Gunther’s cows could prove them wrong. A foot masseur sounds heavenly!

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