Outward Bound

A time of turning attentions outward. The long season of chilly gray rain has abated and the world is fragile green and bolting skyward. The woods, though gently swelling with buds, are still bare enough to let the sun stream fully to the floor below and ferns are unfurling in the sudden light. Drifts of bluets, armies of saucy yellow dandelions compete with dark tufts of crab grass in what soon will be a lawn.

The number/variety of birds is astounding. Bright flashes of color and love songs assault the senses. Peeper toads carry to tune into the dark. Everyone is happy outside.

DSC_0007 Must you lounge in the meager garden I have carved out of this rocky hillside?

Plants are unfolding and stretching toward the sun. I spent several hours planting flower seedlings in long dark rows of earth with Elise for her cutting garden. We organized the plants by height and color, sinking our fingers into the humus while Gunther sat close by in the “shadow” watching us and his chickens.

At the end of the day, when I slide between the sheets, I picture tucking Gunther into his bed for a nap. With a giant sigh, he settled back and closed his eyes. I carefully placed his oxygen tubing over his ears and smooth the covers.  He fell so quickly into his dreams. Adopt his sense of calm, the knowledge that the world will be right here when I wake up. I settle in bed with Alice, turn out the lights and open my heart.

14 thoughts on “Outward Bound

  1. Martha, it must feel so good to you to be emerging into full-blown spring. I’ve just been catching up with all that’s been going on in your life. Wow! You are the definition of resilient. I have such admiration for your amazing spirit.

    BTW, you may have noticed that things have been quiet at Gallivance. Our travels have been (temporarily) suspended because I blew out my knee and recently had to have total knee replacement surgery. Not fun, but I’m working hard on recovery. We haven’t forgotten about our friends and want things to get back to normal. James and I are looking forward to catching up with you and finding out what you’ve been up to. In the meantime, thanks for continuing to follow along.

    All the best, Terri

    • Thank you Terri for your kind words. Ouch! Hope your knee is healing and you are feeling better. No fun when parts don’t work as expected. I had been wondering if you guys were off on an extended trip of “laying low” for the moment.

  2. Perfect cat picture as Alice holds a steady gaze saying “THIS is the important thing. Being one and molding into the earth. Enjoying where you are. It is as it should be. Taking what is offered and being content.” That is one smart cat.
    ( Great closing line)

    • Thank you Marie. It comes quickly when it finally happens here. We are in dire need of rain at the moment but things like the lilacs are scenting the air and making memories bubble up in my heart.

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