I invested in a new kayak last fall. I couldn’t afford it but rationalized that so much of my ‘stinky-me-happy-restorative time’ is spent on the water, this was an investment in my mental health.

Tribute Kayak

This winter I was ‘forced’ to reinvest in two systems I can no more live without than air and water – my camera and my music. I’ve struggled with these more recent upgrades – technology is not my strong suit. I also struggled with the finances but life with out a soundtrack or a lens to view it through is not an option. I consider it an investment in stress reduction and feeding creativity.

I am about to invest in my next equine partner. When the house sells, I would like to buy Tiny Dancer from Heather at Mountain Lane Farm. Night is the last of our original herd and though she has years to go at a youthful 22, I know she and I will need someone to look after us.  Dancer is the perfect last pony. She may outlive me, certainly she will outlive Night, or she and I will be old together honoring the memories of Night and the subsequent adventures we will have shared.  I see this as an investment in my (equine) future.

NightMare - Appendix

Two old ladies

Paint Arab Mare - Tiny Dancer

Hanni & Dancer – Two young ladies

Now these may not seem like investments in the parlance of Wall Street. I learned that language from the best of the best. These investments are what I make for my most basic happiness and sanity. These are the threads of my life I have never been without; music, photography, water and equine therapy.

oh, and perhaps writing about the above...

9 thoughts on “Investments

  1. Martha, I don’t have to tell you that the best investments always have a good return. And I don’t doubt that your investments will have stellar returns for you. Wise moves I’d say. ~James

  2. Bonjour,

    Très bon investissement ! Votre kayak est superbe j’admire beaucoup vos articles.

    Bonne continuation.

  3. The things that make the bad days bearable are always worth the money. Oddly, I’ve just acquired a new camera, although I didn’t want it. commando went out and got me a fancy pants big girl camera. Right now I’m struggling to make it take decent photos and on a very steep learning curve.

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