Update on yam – that’s May spelled backwards

I’m seeing a trend here. My week days consist of 3 out of 5 early mornings. By 7am I am engaged with my new community. Each phase of life brings a new set of faces/personalities  – Single-Serving Friends, Hanni once called it. From the days at the Oil & Vinegar store, to my short-lived stint as a bank teller, and today at the Chamber of Commerce, my circle of comrades who share the day helps define who I am at the moment.

Two of this week’s early mornings were yard work at the Chamber. The building sits at the intersection of Routes 101 and 202. The irony of this is not lost on me as I gaze across the street at the empty lot that once held the house my Great Grandfather built. The small Cape-style house that has become the Chamber office boasts straggly gardens that suddenly burst into color. The pink azalea and bright patches of mixed daffodils literally sprang from weed-choked ancient bark mulch. I spent two mornings from 7am to 9am weeding, raking, loping vines and roots. A small crew of us made short work of the clean up. I felt good.

The other morning was a 7am set up for the monthly Breakfast Forum. I had a quick flashback to breakfast meetings when I worked in the real world. This was so much less formal and more relaxed. The Education Committee was presenting an update on the proposed Visual Arts Center. This was on the heels of a meeting the night before regarding the possibility of a community college coming to town. Numerous folks got up to speak in favor of both projects. Money will need to be raised on a grand scale.

Meanwhile on Tuesday evening the Selectmen met and voted to support the Scenic & Cultural Byways project. Full steam ahead on writing the application to the State.

The One Hundredth and forty-fifth running of the Kentucky Derby was this evening. Most people probably watched the fastest 2 minutes in sports history with an eye to the parade of hats and horses. Stunning, for me, was  the crisp, cleanliness of the winner when the rest of the field was buried in slick mud. My attention was on the jockeys who paraded past with a coating of earth and water, their horse peering out from a layer of slime that had to add a pound or two to these athletes.

Stunning to think I once spent my days among such beasts, (even on a very small-scale,) to the hard-won participation in a contest like the Derby. Mike Smith, the oldest jock in the contest at 51 is my longtime hero since the HBO series “Jockeys” back ten years ago. I also was an avid fan of “Weeds” but mostly because I think Mary Louise Parker is an unsung hero of Hollywood.

Yes, YAM, or May, depending on how you look at it is off to an auspicious start…

Application is in for the Byways project. Waiting on the ad sales sheet for the CURRENT magazine (your relocation guide to the Contoocook River Valley) and I am plodding along with the body copy. I have 12 towns to write about and 6 dedicated sections on subjects such as Healthcare, places of Worship, Recreation and Education in this corner of the State. It is a massive undertaking that affords me an intimate look at the history of the world where I choose to live.

As a sneak preview, I have written my Editor’s Note for the publication. I am thanking the three professional photographers who have donated their images to this project. I’ve chosen one photo from each to highlight my point here. The shots are all the same subject – Mt. Monadnock  – with a little different perspective… Here’s an excerpt of my draft:

The Photographers Perspective

Not only is Mt Monadnock the second most hiked mountain in the world, I would venture to guess it is probably one of the most photographed; particularly when Mother Nature dresses the region in glorious Autumn colors.

Perspective is key in choosing a lifestyle and the place to pursue your dreams. Just as everyone sees life a little differently, our three photographers capture the same scene with their own perspective.

What are you looking for in your new home? Close proximity to nature? Uncrowded recreational opportunities? Artists and cultural opportunities as your neighbors? Perhaps it is great schools and a community of like-minded folks?

Whatever your perspective, I believe you will find it here.

I am indebted to three professional photographers who donated their work to this publication.

The AWE – Advancing Women Entrepreneurs grant was finally approved by the USDA. We await the next step in the process, and of course the cash to move forward with plans. So many things to divert my attention from what isn’t going right in life.

Instead of coming home and collapsing on the couch for a quick nap before dinner, I am finding comfort in writing and creating. What was that favorite phrase of mine?

“It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters that you choose whatever way you work because it nourishes you and feels true.” *

This Time I Dance – Creating the Work You Love by Tama J. Kieves

I’m back. It is a day later and I’m marveling at the life that has popped despite our cooler than normal, rainy weather. I have three sizes of woodpeckers. They remind me of those nesting dolls; they could fit easily inside each other. Their markings are so similar yet their range of size is stunning. From the petite Downey woodpeckers to the bluejay-sized Hairy and finally the ‘Woody Woodpecker’ of them all the Pileated. Since I haven’t been able to catch a good shot of the three of them together, you will just have to trust me on this…

Mourning Doves have returned and serenade at sunrise and sunset with songs reminiscent of lazy days in the tropics when it was hot before the sun came up. Tree-toads are replaced at night with the barking of coyotes and the hoot of owls. I still need to patent my owl feeder idea…

 OK, this full moon is definitely not having the usual negative effects on me. The Full Flower Moon has found me sleeping soundly, waking refreshed and feeling more invigorated. Meeting a new real estate agent has brought me some hope in ending this drain on my energy. Seeing my home through someone else’s eyes, particularly someone who stands to gain financially in a transaction, is gratifying. I don’t know why this house hasn’t sold in a year, but perhaps as a wise friend once said, “It can’t happen until you know where you are going next.” Much as it will be a wrench, it is time to move on from this address.

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