lirpa – that’s April backwards because that’s just how it is

Congratulations! In the contest of life called “You Couldn’t Catch a Break If It Hit You Over The Head And Landed In Your Lap” you have earned the title of Grand Champion!!

After all these months, this turning of the calendar and trip around the sun, a sure thing once again seemed to unfold. A project, so perfect for my creative salvation with its intense writing, photographing and marketing, was handed to me. I went to the EDA (the local Economic Development Authority) to ask for a partnership, a 60%-40% investment in creating a State of NH Scenic and Cultural Byway (a state sanctioned tourist route) in the Monadnock Region. The need was clear:

  1. The State contacted the Chamber suggesting we apply for it.
  2. This is the only corner of the State that has no Scenic & Cultural Route.
  3. The impending demolition and rebuilding of a bridge on a major route into town scheduled to begin in  late 2018 is projected to depress business severely in the downtown district.
  4. With a tourist route in place we could market our way through the crisis and control the traffic to benefit rather than bypass our fragile economy.
  5. I could do something so right and so fulfilling at a point where I most need to.

My presentation and estimated budget for the project was not unreasonable and it would buy me desperately needed relief from emotional and financial discomfort. Not only was it unanimously accepted, the vote  increased the split of funding to 70% EDA, 30% Chamber of Commerce.  I took a deep breath and walked out into the raw April rain smiling so hard my cheeks cramped.

Seven hours later, I looked at the title of the email and thought, “Not funny George!” expecting a cruel joke followed by congratulatory support. It read, “Scenic By-way Vote Rescinded.” The reality of small town politics and its inherent lack of dedicated souls to fill the committees and boards of directors came rushing through the Internet. It seems the EDA vote was not legal as both George and I sit on the boards of  the EDA and the Chamber. A lesson in government states we should have recused ourselves from the vote. But it wouldn’t have mattered because without our votes there would not have been a quorum, so no vote could have occurred.

There is perhaps a work-around by going to the selectmen and getting their votes as the EDA is under their jurisdiction. Do I trust this news? Not even a little. I refuse to believe in the fairness of life at this point. My dreams have been shattered too many times. I have reduced, minimized, lower, tightened-my-proverbial-belt to the point of breaking. All my positive energy and stamina have been repaid with defeat. My knees are scraped, my nose is bleeding; I’ve run out of fight.

The new normal is furtive collecting of the flood of thoughts in journals with no plan of publishing. Shame? Perhaps, yet who have I really disappointed but myself? Certainly, I have not brought emotional distress or financial strain on anyone but Alice. While she notes a shift in my cheery attitude, (for a long time I stopped singing our silly songs to her). She is more affectionate in her own singular way. One would never compare Alice to a cuddly Golden Retriever. She and I share the end of the day, curled in complimentary commas in bed, but otherwise she is most comfortable shadowing me with little physical contact. We read each other’s expressions and live in our routine like an elderly married couple.

So where does one go from here? If you have no expectations, perhaps the best will happen? I keep thinking of the childhood rhyme “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” I will bloom again…

13 thoughts on “lirpa – that’s April backwards because that’s just how it is

  1. Hoping the selectmen see the importance of this and make it happen! It’s too important for the local economy for them to mess this up. You are doing great things for the Chamber and for the town. Keep your spirits up, burst out of lirpa and bloom into May!!

  2. ‘trudging on’ … I’ve done a bit of that, too. It seems that’s what life demands at times. Why? There’s no answer that I have found. I see a lot of comfort in Alice’s stare, and wish you better times.

  3. Scenic and Cultural Byway? What a perfect project for you and your community. If you need a ‘write in’ campaign from your readers to your selectmen, I’m ready.

    • Thank you Annie. It is a perfect project for me and I am actually feeling confident that it will come through, after a bit of wrangling on my part…but this isn’t my first rodeo!

  4. Just started back myself…so lovely to read your writing again. So glad to see Alice! We have just got permission to update our church with disabled access and glass doors, and develop the inside to better serve the community. We have been going 8 years fighting English heritage the council and I don’t know who else to get some where…We have to raise £500,000+ now… keep going

  5. ! We have been going 8 years fighting English heritage the council and I don’t know who else to get some where…We have to raise £500,000+ now… keep going

  6. ! We have been going 8 years fighting English heritage the council and I don’t know who else to get some where…We have to raise £500,000+ now… keep going

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