Under-employment and Winter Adventures

Under-employment agrees with me just a tad too much.  I spent the holiday season decorating wreaths made by my friend Tom.  We customized each for the recipient and the results were, if I do say so myself, stunning.  For our friends Mary and George we did this one:

George is my farrier, hence the red horse shoe and Mary is an incredible artist who’s oil paintings of her sheep are some of my favorites.

This past week, my sister and I are working through her “bucket list” before she leaves New England for sunny Arizona.  We snow-shoed Saturday and yesterday through the woods around my home looking for “deer sheds”.  Apparently when the deep cold hits the blood ceases to reach the antlers of our local bucks and the antlers fall off.  We didn’t find any but that didn’t diminish the fun of trekking with my dog Alice.

Sunday we took our cameras out to Mary and George’s farm to shoot a sleigh ride.  George loves to hook up his Belgians, Micca and Molly to entertain the throngs that arrive in his door yard.  He and Mary make a bonfire and serve up hot cocoa, hot dogs and marshmallows.  You never know who you will meet there and the animals are always so happy to see you.

I suppose I should be looking for gainful employment but truth be told after 30 odd years of Corporate America I shudder at the thought of facing that world.  I crave a life with creative output and so this, my first blog is my “dipping my toe” into the waters of creative self existence.

6 thoughts on “Under-employment and Winter Adventures

  1. So what is Susanne going back to? Has she decide yet?Glad you're doing this. I have been doing much the same. I figure if I keep my eyes and ears open the path will be revealed. And I worked HARD all those years. Resume gap or not, I needed a break.

  2. I agree with Hillary there are no misadventures only adventures. The more adventurous we are the more we learn. An example, this is the first time I have ever replied to a blog. Before this I didn't even know what a blog was. I'm being adventurous and learning. The acronym SARAH, reaction to change, Shock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance and Help would define your last six months. It's really good to see that your in the Acceptance phase. In the future the Help phase may include to some degree a return to Corporate America. Look forward not back. Be a dreamer like me.

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