Vacation in my mind…

Two years ago on the anniversary of my blog, Laura and I went to Magic Wings, a butterfly habitat. It is the perfect thing to do when  surrounded by ice, grey skies, frigid weather and a monochromatic landscape. Especially if you are unemployed and need to keep your spirits up.

So what to do but repeat the journey. We dressed for a humid summer day and headed into the sensory overload. It was comfortably familiar but obviously things had grown and changed a bit in two years. My camera was a frustration and I was more discriminating in my choices of shots, but some things just presented themselves.

The warmth is the first thing I noticed, hot humid air on my skin. The heady scent of tropical blooms came next and birds tittering in the lush vegetation. Sight was bombarded by colors and shapes and the barrage of things silently flitting in and out of focus. It took a few moments to absorb it all and settle into silently moving slowly through the paths. Wisps of soft opera music drifted by as I sat on my heels to let the life wash over me.

Between the feeding stations and the flowers, I was able to get very close to these magical creatures though they were seldom still for long.


DSC_2287 DSC_2286 DSC_2278 DSC_2284 DSC_2283 DSC_2282

There were other residents to behold, and in some cases touch.

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I found this “nursery” a perfect ending. Every day, a whole new crop of butterflies emerge.




21 thoughts on “Vacation in my mind…

  1. I think Magic Wings is THE most perfect name for the conservatory. It is easy to lose one’s self in the beauty captured in your images. Thank you for suggesting this return visit!

  2. Beautiful. Full sensory! I appreciate that you noted the need to find something to do to keep your spirits up (especially if you are unemployed). Being unemployed is one of my biggest challenges; I get lost inside my own head and home. It is difficult to break free from the hamster wheel. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m so frustrated with my camera but thank you. Laura got some incredible shots and it was just lovely to be there. From the outside it’s pretty odd and plain but the sensory overload inside is amazing.

  3. Certainly a place to raise the spirits. We have a butterfly house in the New Forest. I went there once with my Mother In Law and loved it. You’ve just reminded me I should visit it again.

    • Uggh, I wish I had bought a new camera when I was employed, Mark. I’m frustrated with my ancient technology. Will have to borrow one from daughter#2, Hanni and see if it is my eyes or the technology?!

      • Technology only captures moments that you put in front of it. My son James, the young filmmaker and photographer, also uses a really old film camera (that he found in a cupboard somewhere) just for fun, and some of the shots on this camera are great. When he films people in crowded streets, he sneaks up on them from an angle where they don’t notice him at first, and he films them while they are drifting off thinking about something else, and then captures the moment when they realise he is filming. Their responses are totally natural, and amazing to watch. You photos are fantastic, it doesn’t matter what the technology is like!

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