Winning the lottery, sort of…

Working my way through the pile of mail yielded an unexpected reward. What I thought was a mortgage statement turned out to be a check for over payment in my escrow account. I didn’t have to buy a ticket or watch the daily drawing for this windfall. If I chose to be negative I could say it was an ill-planned savings program since I paid into the account over the course of the year.

Lottery fever has the media in a frenzy with the largest jackpot in history conjuring dreams of winning a billion dollars. Whole towns here in New Hampshire are forming citizen “pools” to up the odds of winning. I’m not sure I’d want to be the poor soul entrusted with the stack of tickets. It could take hours to run them all even electronically just to find you didn’t have a winner?!?! Anarchy would no doubt reign with that announcement.

My meager little bonus won’t go far by comparison but my needs are few. There are lots of little things I have put off for lack of funds:

  • detail my car before winter (probably too late for that now)
  • send the living room carpet out for its annual cleaning and restoration
  • replace the fridge before it leaves me with a melting mess

There are fantasies of things like an upgrade to my aging camera, taking a quick trip, or booking a writing retreat this year. So much fun to savor the possibilities…


17 thoughts on “Winning the lottery, sort of…

  1. I must admit, I’m a bit caught up in the frenzy myself, but I will only buy 1 ticket. It only takes 1 to win. Isn’t “found money” great?! It’s like putting on last years coat and finding a $20 bill stashed in the pocket. Congrats on your windfall, I hope you get some enjoyment from it my friend.

  2. Congrats on your windfall! I have to say I never play the lottery but I did partake in this dream of all that money! No luck so far but I still have to purchase my ticket!

  3. I don’t buy lottery tickets but Can’t mama do buys one each week. Occasionally we win £10. Over the years though, we have sat and spent our imaginary lottery win a thousand times in different ways. Buying a house for each of our boys, setting up a homeless shelter, moving to Morocco and setting up something for the street children there… Funnily, our spending never really involves the usual things like flashy cars, big houses and fancy clothes. Sadly that is all the people who do win seem to spend it on. Good luck with your lottery ticket. I know you’d use it wisely. 🙂

  4. I remember making those little construction paper things in the banner. So much simpler then.
    We finally bought a lottery ticket for the big jackpot….probably the last time as it was chaos – the crazy darting cars trying to park – frantic people. Odd hope brings out some of the worst behavior of people?
    If I win , though – well, look for the party invitation on the blog!

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