The Memory Jar

Years owning the farm; New Year’s days were filled with celebration overload and chores that required attention regardless of how lazy I felt. This first day, I never ventured farther than the bird feeders in the back yard. My attire was soft PJs and my chosen activity was downloading a new book and moving from my bed to the couch. There was no urgent need to do anything beyond small meals for myself and Alice. The hum of the furnace and the crackle of the fire were my theme songs and I vowed to give myself the day off.

With 364 days yet to come, I spread the contents of my memory jar across the table and reread the moments of the past year. The jar is empty but not in a negative sense. Like the days ahead, it is a receptacle for the joys, struggles and adventures yet to unfold.

DSC_2145 DSC_2159

In the past, I emptied the jar at midnight, alone on the eve of the new year. After reading each slip of paper, I tossed them on the fire. Last year I decided to place them all in a sealed envelope, a time capsule of sorts. So once again, with a final review, I carefully gathered them up and wrote 2015 across the front of a new envelope. The jar is clean and shiny again, the dust and fly specks of the past 12 months polished away. A new memory slip has already fluttered to the bottom.


23 thoughts on “The Memory Jar

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  2. Lovely! I don’t use a memory jar but do enjoy reviewing my journal notes, re-reading old posts and breathing in the heady aroma of accomplishment of past projects, photos and memories of good times.

    The bad stuff? I indulge myself here as well but try to be gentle, gleaning what I can and resolving to do better going forward and learning the lessons of less desirable outcomes and events.

    Here’s to 2016!!

  3. What a song those will create. Will be interesting in a few years to see the patterns, the foreshadowings, the insights more important than you realized at the time.
    Somehow the smooth clear cylinder seems the most appropriate container for a year – better than a closed up box with corners. Dream and memory killers, those.

  4. I love your memory jar and I love that you are keeping them this time. I guess my blog is my memory jar, but I don’t really look back at it apart from the posts from my old blog that I’m busy resurrecting, I hope that jar is full to bursting at the end of 2016.

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