Reinvention, again…


Narrow your focus…don’t look at the stone wall, see the chinks of light.

A new direction will be forged. Spread my arms wide and gather all the positive I have sent out into the universe. Sift through it carefully for the shining light that shows me where to go next.

A quote popped up on my Facebook feed that said,

“People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point.

The glass is refillable.”

Perfect for today, thank you Purple Clover

I have turned a chapter and the store is no longer part of my life. Time to reinvent. The best part about blogging or journaling is you have a perfect life coach  right at your fingertips! Advice on how to get through the rough spots is where you wrote about it last time.  Who better than me to lift me up when I am down, or cheer me on when I need to believe?

Rather than grieve (which is an easy well to fall into and a bitch to crawl back out of), I am shaking all my new branches and being rewarded with folks who want to make it their personal mission to help me find my next adventure. I feel much less alone and anxious than I did before tying on my apron as Vinegar Lady. A new name is in order here, my dearest Doppelganger (I know she will comment!) Opportunities abound this time around and perhaps my new moniker will be The Turn-Around Gal.

Two years ago, a wise man told me, “Listening to all you’ve done and all you want to do, I think there isn’t a “JOB” out there for you. You need to create one. Reinvent yourself!”


And so I shall…


21 thoughts on “Reinvention, again…

  1. Re-inventing yourself is something you excel at. Every experience and nugget of knowledge you absorb only makes you stronger and more desirable. Your skill set is so vast, I know you will have no problem embarking on your next adventure. I LOVE the idea of the glass being refillable, what a wonderful way to look at things!

  2. I love that quote… the glass IS refillable. Now we need to go to the cabinet and select the glass to refill… will it be a shot glass? Easiest to fill but Too small. How about a wineglass? Too specialized and still limiting. Knowing you, I’d shoot for the water goblet. Largest and most recognizable of the lot, has great capacity for volume and versatility with no limiting factors as to what you can/should put in it.

    By the way, just like the glass, that stone wall and its chinks of light is miss leading. If you look carefully, you will see it is a grouping of stepping stones designed not to stop you and your vision, but to help you up and over, like a ladder, with each step broadening your view(s) and opportunities more and more.

    You have taken the first step….

    So, how’s the view up there?

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  4. As for a new moniker… How about “The Lone Rangerette”? You ride in on your White Horse (of course) to save someone’s business and succeed in putting it on the map, then ride on. As for the vinegar store, I can see you mounting that white steed, flipping your hair over your shoulder and saying “My Work Here Is Done”.

    Hi-Yo Silver ! Away!!!

  5. Martha, although we haven’t yet met face to face, you have been an inspiration to me and James. You are the master of reinvention and we admire you greatly for that. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to reinvent myself, so I really love the thinking that the glass is refillable. It absolutely is. We are here for you if you need to brainstorm or bounce ideas around. ((( HUGS ))) ~Terri

  6. Some people are field dependent some are field independent when they view an object – or thought.
    Somehow it sounds like a new exciting beginning here. A grand stretching. No better time. Love the energy and openness of that last picture.
    You know how I decide a university is good enough to attend? One that says “We are charged with preparing students for careers and job opportunities we haven’t dreamed of yet.” That’s a good way to step into life, too. All you have done will morph to a new path. It will happen. Kepp saying “Today’s the Great Adventure.” Wonder will cross your path. If you are firm, open, aware, and believe. Smile and be gentle with yourself, now. No rushing or despair – creates bad chemicals in body. You know the way. It will happen. Onward. Play with the universe – it’s calling.
    (How about the Grown Rangerette? Lone is so isolated – and you aren’t…..hmm, what other words rhyme …Loaned Rangerette, Full Blowned Rangerette, Flown Rangerette….wil have to play with this for a while.)

    • I think what I love most about you Philosophermouse, is the time and thought you put into your comments. I always see a new view of what I wrote and feel stronger from your kind words. No rushing or despair from the Full Blown Rangerette. Thank you from the bottom of my hoof.

  7. That’s both of us then, looking for a new direction. At this end there really hasn’t been much looking, more some taking stock. The new year must bring some proper job hunting for me though, before the savings run out. So far, since I left the bus mines, I’ve discovered how little I really need to live on, so the next job will be less hours. This time it has to be something that makes me smile more too. Hopefully it will be that for you too. 🙂

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