Word of the day – Resume

Resume – Resumé

1. begin to do or pursue (something) again after a pause or interruption.

Communicating is not a lost art. At the chamber breakfast, one member was describing her business; calligraphy cards, book marks and custom work such as sermons and religious cards. She told a story of teaching second graders penmanship then laughed quietly. “Some people still like the written word.” Her reverence for the ancient art of communicating struck me.

I thought of her while editing my resumé later in the day. Agonizing over every word I hoped would convey more than simple tasks and accomplishments.


Oh yeah, hold on, I think it is right here on one of these computers,

wait, I just had it

oh, that was two years ago…

A task I dreaded to the point of vacuuming instead of addressing it, turned out to quite fun once I dug in. Communicating who I am and what I want to do, through what I have done. Because that’s what I want to keep on doing, just different. Reading back over the last version, I highlighted the events and activities that made me smile.

The next step was to weed out the stuff that doesn’t matter anymore. All the acronyms from positions in the corporate world that mean little to the purpose of this current document. I need to clearly communicate what I can contribute and why I want to do this. Whatever the next “this” is.

Thankfully it needn’t be done in cursive penmanship and the spell check is handy. It still requires some careful thought and a small trip down memory lane. I don’t want to get on an airplane every few days. I see no glamour in high heels and the suits. The politics of business are as distasteful to me as the politics of the presidential election. The store was the first job I can remember in many years where I got up every morning,  excited about projects and customers and accomplishments. That gained me a network of like-minded people.

My resumé is how I resume from here…

14 thoughts on “Word of the day – Resume

  1. God bless you… the writing of my resume is one of the things I could never do… write about myself. I’m good at telling others what to do (lol), but, freeze when I need to write my own! But, you are indeed the communications and marketing queen. I bet if you imagine yourself as one of your clients, hired to create a good resume, you will turn out a masterpiece!

    • Thanks Doppleganger, it is hard to write/sell oneself. Your suggested technique is exactly what I did! Not sure it qualifies as a “masterpiece” but hopefully it will get the job done.

  2. I never enjoyed writing my resumè. I’ve done too many things and most of them not long enough to be worth mentioning. Funny thing about spellcheck, it just told me I spelled resumè wrong, apparently, it is spelled resume. I’m glad for you the task is accomplished AND it made you smile!

    • Thanks Joyce. I have ditched the business files, books and acronyms but in small town America I am finding they still would like to see a paper or electronic copy of a resume. If I were to ever go back to the “real” world I would be more LinkedIn!

  3. It’s one of the hardest things to write for someone who doesn’t like blowing her own trumpet. One of the biggest problems is making it relevant to what you want to do rather than what you have done but really don’t want to go back to. I guess we are both in the same boat right now.

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