To Seshat – Egyptian Goddess of Writing

Note: Thanks to +Emily Plange for my introduction to Seshat

Most “real” writers have a system.  Hemingway used to rise at 6am to write, of course he was most likely too drunk to pen such classics the rest of the time.

I have fallen into my own new routine.  From the moment I get out of bed and begin my day, my mind is a cyclone of disorganization.  Once the dogs are fed and all is well on the first floor I climb the spiral stairs to my loft.  First order is to check if anyone has commented or read my posts, check email and peruse FaceBook.  From there it either flows into conscious thoughts that my dear readers might enjoy or I flail around with the technological nightmares.

I may take a mid-morning barn break to ride, but if I do I always race back to my desk full of ideas and edits.  I am working on this blog and at least two different books.  Future posts will address the details of  these projects

When I do have a day where I need to venture out and take care of business, it always amazes me how supportive folks can be.  The other day I had to drop by my accountant’s office with my tax stuff.  Of course this year there is the added glitch of no income vs. 2012 which included my “severance package”.  Paul has known me a long time now.  Accountants probably know your inner fears and desires better than most doctors.  We talked about what I want to do, how to manage it and he was so encouraging.  “We will figure out how to buy you the time to achieve your dreams”.   Wow!  A fellow “secret” writer who believes in me!

Yesterday I did go to see my doctor.  I have known her for over 20 years.  She is a lovely Indian woman who is roughly my age.  She has seen me through child rearing years, divorce, depression and a million little hurts in between.  She sat down, cocked her head to the side and said, “Something is different.  You seem so happy and relaxed.  Tell me what’s going on.”  I poured out my story and my determination to take this time in my life to do what I have always wanted.  A smile seeped onto her face and she nodded.  “I believe you are going to do this.” she said softly.  “You thought you were rich before because you worked so hard and made so much money.  The truth is you are rich now because you are happy.”

So whatever the secret is.  However the routine works or doesn’t.  I will find time in every day to share my joy with others who count their riches in their smile-lines and freedom from stress.

Tomorrow I will post part of another project I’m writing.  Comments are always appreciated.

Love to know what you are thinking! And thank you for commenting.

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