I’ve got it covered…

Cover letters for my manuscript

  • Read the articles
  • Bought the online courses
  • Have every possible book on the subject
  • Studied every winning example given

The one that says, “You’re a writer.  If you can’t write a letter you need to rethink your profession.”  Add to that the fact that my manuscript is all about letters, it IS letters.

Perhaps I’m just having one of those “WTF have I done now?” days but seriously folks?

The easier pitch letters come when enough research results in an actual picture of the person, “aka literary agent or editor”, that I’m writing to.  I print out the page, place it strategically in front of me and look them in the eye.   From there I imagine the conversation we will have when they have signed my million dollar book deal.

Oh Lord, some days this sucks the life out of me.  and you thought I was going to stop at “sucks”…

One thought on “I’ve got it covered…

  1. I sure got a laugh at the "WTF have I done now?" I have those days often! The biggest problem facing entrepreneurial photographers is that these days everyone with a cellphone thinks their a photographer!

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