More Musings on Housework

You can eat off the floor in my garage.  You probably shouldn’t. But you could without too many dire consequences.  
I thought of this the other day when I was doing wood.  Yes, that season is not over yet.   When I went  as far as I could with restacking and organizing, I took up a push broom and swooshed everything out the door into the driveway.
No vacuum cleaner bags to change, no electric sockets to search out. No furniture to move.  Just swoosh. 
Why can’t all housework be this easy  Along with leftovers, grocery shopping and balancing the checkbook, housework ranks really low on my daily aspirations.   It all seems so pointless, as soon as you turn around someone has marched through the kitchen with dirty paws or boots and the muck you just mopped is suddenly back.  
I have a friend who uses a leaf blower to clean his cabin.  Makes sense to me!  Why suck it up just to have to deal with it later when you can open all the doors and windows and blow it out?

Then I started fanasizing about the design of the perfect house for non-housework people.  Cement floors.  But beautiful cement, not parking lot cement.   I’m talking colored and stamped to look totally real as a rock floor, or terracotta tiles or what-have-you.  It would be important to install a passive, cheap heating system in the floor to warm it up in Northern climates.  All floors would tilt very slightly toward a drainage system, cleverly disguised with throw rugs.  This is especially important if you have pets.

Instead of a central vacuum system, there would be a central water system so you could roll back the rugs and hose the room down.  I’m still working on the blower system and exactly where that would fit in.

To all the Moms out there dreaming of clean as soon as the college tuition is paid?  Sorry to disappoint you, the marginal cleanliness you inherit is offset by the footprints of those left behind.  I’m talking animals and friends who make sure you don’t feel holier than thou with too much order in your life.

3 thoughts on “More Musings on Housework

  1. Hmmm, sounds a little like a live-in Turkish toilet. I remember a bar in downtown Providence designed like this. Let the amateurs loose with their sloe gin fizzes and Narragansett, then hose the place down at the end of the night.

  2. I love the idea! I would never again buy a house with carpet (especially since every time I vacuum, I get enough fur for an entire other dog, gotta love labs). I do use the leaf blower in my garage, the push broom can't find enough floor space to get the job done. It's more like a 2 1/2 stall, 2 story storage space than a garage, although I was able to squeeze the jeep in for the last snow storm. Keep me posted on your cement floor house aspirations!

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