The Wrangler’s Point of View

I just had to share/steal this one for today’s post.  The difference in values between Corporate America and the American Southwest.

As you may remember, my sister left the Northeast in January to take a job in Arizona on a Guest Ranch.  It’s a wonderful vacation destination, popular with families, groups and known for it’s “Cowgirl Retreats”.  A long winding road out into the desert leads to this family owned peace of heaven.

This week was particularly busy.  The “snow birds” had flocked to the desert to seek relief from the winter that doesn’t seem to end in the northern sections of our country.  In addition to the full house, a large corporate group from New York was holding a retreat for their executives in Tucson at another venue.  They had arranged with the ranch to come for a horseback ride out into the desert followed a “rustic” luncheon.

The ranch regularly holds cook-outs for guests, complete with chuck wagons and hearty fare.  This was to be catered by a well known chef, a much more upscale affair.  Zanne worked with the event planner from NY as well as local vendors to see that it went off without a hitch.  Mid-morning, tractor trailers drove down the road, creating dust tornadoes as they rolled into the hills.  The event planners arrived and the set up included linens, china, crystal and all the accoutrements.

Zanne rushed down to the corrals armed with a folder full of release forms for the guests to sign before they saddled up and headed out.  As she sat on a bench in the sun with one of the wranglers (the dudes who handle the horses and lead the trail rides), he asked about the people who were due to arrive.

She excitedly explained that these folks were from a famous Swiss watchmaker and went on to extol the virtues, quality and history of the company and its products.  The wrangler listened politely.  Zanne ended her description by telling him these watches are so exquisite  it takes ten months to complete one time-piece.

The wrangler thought for a moment then commented, “Ten months to make one watch, huh?  Lazy bastards.”

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