The concept of sanctuary is different from what I wrote in my post on Solitude.  I think of sanctuary as a space each of us create for ourselves.  It shields us from the everyday world we must participate in to survive.

It may be as simple as playing games on FaceBook, curling up in a big chair to read a book or taking a long hot soak in a tub full of bubbles.  Or it may be as complicated as stretching your budget so you can afford the car of your dreams.  You commute the same roads every day.  The monotony of the drive and the stress of the job justify the expense of heated seats and taking that time to escape with books on tape.

My sister, Zanne,  recently took a new job that required a move.  She ended up with a little tract house in a crowded neighborhood.  From the outside, it looks like its hundreds of siblings, sitting cheek to jowl.  She spent the time and energy to create a sanctuary of all her art and special treasures.  When she walks through the front door, the neighborhood disappears.

Another friend lives and works in New York City.  He has a high-pressure job that requires long hours and little time for a personal life.  He and his partner bought a condo with a roof deck.  The deck was littered with  industrial pipes and mechanical equipment when they moved in.  Today, they have a lush garden that shelters them from the concrete and harsh edges of the city below.

What is your personal sanctuary?

Love to know what you are thinking! And thank you for commenting.

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