Walking barefoot

Thick sheepskin boots have been replaced. Slowly I gave up on socks but kept sturdy clogs at hand. Flip-flops after a shower lead to abandoning all appropriate footwear and feeling the grit on tender skin. It’s a time of shedding and renewal that doesn’t come without some pain. A perfect metaphor for life.

Hanni didn’t make it home as planned. It doesn’t matter why, it was a disappointment I hadn’t counted on. Like stepping on a sharp pebble.

Alice, of course walks barefoot all the time. Her perfect, garlic-bulb feet tap like a ballerina through the house. Though she does an Irish jig when the snow gets too cold, she has stoutly refused to wear boots.

Impossibly small feet!


Walking barefoot has other pitfalls. Large spiders have suddenly hatched from wherever they hide all winter and stepping on one is enough to cause a temporary coronary infarction.  If the toilet is the nearest body of water, my foot is going in to remove the gooey guts as fast as possible. Then there’s the dribbled dog bowl water. If there was a recent visit to the watering hole, the kitchen floor tiles are a slip-‘n-slide against bare soles.

The renewal comes from knowing it is still me inside the raw skin. Like all minor bruises, whether to the heart, the body or even the soul, we toughen with healing. I took a day to recuperate. Plans had to be rearranged. I had thought I would be on vacation. Scuttling menus and goals for the week I looked ahead to fill the void. Instead, I worked  to carry out all those chores that will make the coming season welcome – washing windows and installing screens – letting light into my life. I miss my days of following the light breezes and the sun with my laptop, working through thoughts and crafting images. Today I  put that creativity to advertising and brochures I have had no time for.

Alice is just happy to have me here for the day. You wouldn’t think so as she mutters around behind me like an old Asian grandmother, but I know she is pleased I’m walking barefoot.

Thank you to all who worried about my sanity today. My disappointment and frustration with changed plans and dashed hopes are merely sharp stones in the path.


18 thoughts on “Walking barefoot”

  1. Key words here are CHANGED plans not CANCELLED. She will come soon, if not, we will go retrieve her and deal with whatever peripheral detritus (and you know what I mean) we need to..

  2. “abandoning all appropriate footwear and feeling the grit on tender skin. It’s a time of shedding and renewal that doesn’t come without some pain. A perfect metaphor for life.” Astute observation well stated in easily understood terms.
    And she does have those tiny feet. Alice is adorable. She’ll keep you in line. Your Asian grandmother comparisons are always so on target.
    “letting light into my life” Sometimes life forces you to do that.
    Enjoy the now. (and if you were here with massive AC, you’d be wearing those sheepskin boots still….always a giggle to see the leggy school girls in their expensive short shorts/dresses with their Uggs on during summer trips to the mall.)

    1. Thanks Phil. Uggs give way to flip flops here at the first melting snow. It is a badge of courage among the youth but always worn with shorts and a down vest. Appreciate your kind comments. Paw wave from Alice to your crew!

  3. As with our tender winter feet, our skin toughens with every sharp stone on the path. Hoping Hanni can reschedule soon, I know how much it means to you to have her come and visit.

  4. Sorry to hear about your disappointment, but a re-schedule is something else to look forward to.

    I’m a terrible wimp about going barefoot, I have to admit. My worst thing is walking past the cat litter tray and being stabbed by stray sharp little crystals in my tender soles. I’m never sure how my cats cope with actually getting into the litter tray and crunching about on all the grains, but they certainly take it in their stride, unlike me.

  5. I’m sorry she couldn’t get back but hopefully she will soon. Bitter disappointment I know. As for the bare feet, I love walking barefoot and was often told off for it as a child.

  6. Your Asian grandmother will look after you and give you strength, so you can look forward to seeing Hanni next time. What is it with those tiny feet?!!!

    1. Throw back to when they bound little girls feet in China? Your guess is as good as mine. Yes, the muttering old lady will look after me. Thank you, I am counting down the hours, once again to arrival of my long lost daughter…

  7. Wow. Again — I love your way with words, your ability to so keenly and interestingly describe your thoughts and feelings, your daily observations. I’m glad you were able to rebound and make some proverbial lemonade. Hugs! 🙂

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