Crowds and Space

I grew up in the country but have lived in many cities since.  Personal space is always at a premium in cities.  Now that I am back in the place where acres, rather than blocks, measure my boundaries, I have noticed a different perspective on space and crowds.

Suffice to say my home and property offer space with a capital “S”,  relative to life in more urban settings.  But, the way crowds appear in that space fascinates me.  All winter, the snow banks crowded in the expansive area between  my home and the rest of the world.  It piled high on the decks, drifted against the railings and caused cupcake-like mounds just outside my window.

Moving about required navigating shrinking paths.  I stomped down a lollipop path with my snow shoes so the dogs could venture beyond the door.  I shoveled and snow-blowed the snow, creating twisting tunnels from the front door to the driveway.

The driveway became more narrow and fraught with mountains of snow that obstructed my view as I skidded down the hill, hoping to stop before the busy street below.  Today, the forsythia reaches it’s long tendrils out to fill the space.

This weekend was “Project: Reclaim the Space.”  Suddenly, the decks seemed enormous and empty.  Out came the furniture – props for life beyond the fireplace.  Planters fresh with new potting soil lined the edges, defining the living space within for dining or lounging.  Umbrellas went up, detailing the space above.

Keeping pace with my human efforts; nature was hard at work.  The trees swelled and the woods filled with the sweet aroma of growth.  The tentative buds unfurled and crowded out the sunlight, dappling the forest floor below.  Birds crowded the feeders and dashed after each other in pursuit of life.  Pricker bushes and weeds multiplied almost before my eyes.

It seems life will fill up any space, spilling over with raucous resolve.  My joy is in redefining that space.

Love to know what you are thinking! And thank you for commenting.

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