Hats Off!

I just want to write! There are words crowding around in my head, trying to get out.  How difficult is that?  Apparently quite.  My days are somehow filled with long phone conversations about promotional “opportunities,” aka “for a price we can do Google ads for you and so much more.”

Or calls with the editorial staff that want to up-sell me on advanced editing features.  In addition to emailing with the support staff at Go Daddy, Google, and Weebly as I scratch out a new website.

Throw in a phone interview for a job that I considered long and hard; but ultimately had to pass up.

No, not much creativity happening here.

But then I read FaceBook posts from artist friends who are running off to hang paintings or set up shows.  I open the mailbox and another artist has sent a postcard of her upcoming exhibits.  I realize even they don’t just get to sit in their glorious studios all day and paint.  The promotional side of life seeps in for everyone.

We wear a lot of different hats in our lives: the creative hat, the parent hat, and the marketing and public relations hat.   Hats of all kinds, both real and imagined, in particular, fascinate me.  If you know me well, you have seen my collections.  I collect hats like some people collect Hummel figurines, except hats are more useful.

My all-time favorite, however, is my brown, velvet helmet.

Love to know what you are thinking! And thank you for commenting.

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