Time to Think…

When was the last time we really thought about the effects of technology on children?  Take for example digital watches and clocks.  (Or, 30 years later, “smart devices”)  How can a child really understand the concept of time when it involves no active thought processes?  There is no mystery or matter of accomplishment in learning to tell time.
Remember with me, if you will, your mother or father saying “When the big hand is on the 12…”  I coveted my brother’s big clock puzzle.  It had removable, button-shaped numbers on its dinner plate-sized face and movable hands.  I wanted to know what the mystery of time was.  
Watching the hand make its sweep taught us how long a minute was.   When trying to hold your breath for a minute, the slow crawl of time was easily decipherable.  The child gained a distinct sense of time.  I wonder if that is gone; if the instant-gratification-syndrome society seems to suffer today is somehow related to the loss of those concepts we grew up with.

My favorite childhood clock


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