Hopscotch and the Gemini New Moon

Saturday was the new moon in Gemini.  This particular new moon is in my own sun sign so if you subscribe to astrology, you know what this means to moods, emotions and such.

I have always juxtaposed roles within my life.  I loved living in rural New Hampshire, and being a practicing redneck on weekends.  I loved the job that supported that life-style; the other five days of the week involved dressing to the nines, hopping on a flight to New York or Chicago, and living it up on an expense account.

To find my other “Marthas” today means peeling back some layers.  If you have followed my blog from the start I think you have seen some of those personas, most recently there’s the “Environmentalist Martha” who boned up on wind farming and joined the world of bee keeping.  There’s the gentler “Spiritual Martha” who contemplates what our purpose really is here on earth and seeks answers through Hospice training.  Then there is the “Barn Rat Martha” who somehow has built a reputation as slightly crazy but safety-oriented while galloping through the woods.

Lately my days have been filled with talk of medications such as Warfarin, blood pressure readings, defibrillator research and doctor’s appointments.  Not for me, for a very dear friend.  I’m not sure what that “Martha” is called just yet.

Is this duality of personalities is all attributable to a Zodiac sign?  I’ve no scientific data.  There are specific Gemini traits; my poor, long-suffering sister will concur. These are obvious when two people of the Twin Sign are working together.  They become bored/distracted/need a break when the job is between three-quarters and nine-tenths of the way finished.  From there, another chore is addressed, it probably only progressed as far as the previous job, and finally will see completion.  We are so not linear.

Here is a perfect example of why I sometimes cringe at myself.  I was reading an article regarding marketing and building audience; it referenced a site.  I had to fire up Google Chrome and while I waited I thought, “Well, I’ll just pop over to my laptop and see what’s up on FaceBook.  Four minutes later, I came back to an open browser, and I had no idea the name of the site I was just going to look up.  I went back to reading the article and then became distracted by an idea for a blog post.  

At the end of the day, thanks to many lists, everything gets a check mark.  I call it the hopscotch method of working.  Do kids even know how to play hopscotch anymore?  I’ll have to look that up…

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