The To Do List

Sunday morning flower arranging.  I set out thinking this was something I could knock off my “to do” list; something to just get done.  Armed with scissors and my basket, I lopped off the dead heads on the roses and collected an armload of perfect Black-eyed Susan flowers. As I wandered from the front garden to the back, time slowed, the list disappeared from my mind and I thought about what I was doing. I focused on Eckhart Tolle’s advice to do everything with intention and purpose.  Every move I make is not wasted but part of the larger step towards seeing life as a creative process.   
After stuffing two vases full in a haphazard way, I set down my basket and collected up my three Ikebanas  and a slim Waterford crystal vase. 
Rudbeckia hirta
I looked at the shape of each vessel, then studied the form and size of the flowers. I cradled the first Ikebana and selected this simple stalk.  
I know, it sounds a little too “Woo Woo” to say the vases and the flowers spoke to me.  Maybe it was something deep inside of myself that was speaking to me. I worked slowly, immersed in the simple task.  
Stepping back to admire my work, it occurred to me, creating beauty in my life, even something as small as a fresh flower arrangement, should top the “to do” list every day.

6 thoughts on “The To Do List

  1. They are all wonderful, but I especially like the hosta! Beautiful vase!!! Unfortunately, the deer have eaten almost all of my hostas down to the ground, nary a leaf left. I think I'll take a hint from you and wonder out into my garden and bring in some fresh flowers. They certainly have a way of brightening your day. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Laura, the other day someone said, “Oh don't cut the flowers they'll just die.” Hey, they are going to die anyway, why not fill the house with them in the mean time and enjoy them in every room?!

  3. Love the Astilbe, but what is that pink flower? Wonderful. I don't do Ikebana, but I do make little miniature bouquets in a collection of tiny vases.

  4. Hi Chris, if you mean the flowers in the glass vase, I honestly don't know. There is some purple toad wart (I think) in there but the other is something that showed up a couple of years ago and gets more prolific every spring. It comes in tons of colors and seems to like shade.

    Would love to see what is blooming in your garden these days!

  5. Oh I see the labels now…duh! What a lovely Clematis! The stuff in the glass vase is a native Phlox I'm pretty sure.

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