Party “Fakels” For Summer Fun…

Last winter I wrote a blog about the Schwedenfakel.  My neighbor, Wilson, was kind enough to make one for me to test it out as a cold weather campfire.  So when the temperatures finally came down below 90 degrees around here, I started thinking how nice it would be to have another when the evenings cool off. This time, I asked for a larger, lower version of the cut log.  I envisioned a campground or lake front cottage with a “party fakel” for roasting hotdogs, boiling lobsters, or just keeping the gnats away. DSC_4660 Schwedenfakel w/wilson   My sister, Zanne is in town along with a friend so we fired up the “fakel” to test it out.  I was interested in burn time – about 3 hours before a gentle rain sent us indoors and extinguished the flames.  Though we didn’t cook on it, the self-contained heat and flames certainly would have worked for most cook-out menus. swedish torchThe bonus after it burned down was a lovely rustic table.  I power-washed the soot and turned it upside down.  Perfect patio accent complete with a hole in the middle for a plant!  swedish torch table


5 thoughts on “Party “Fakels” For Summer Fun…

  1. Wow! I really like this idea! Now sure how good/safe it would be in the desert-like area where I live, though. As I type this, there’s a wildfire burning out of control less than 10 miles from here. I’m afraid to use my screened-in fire pit. 😦

    • Maria, depending on the type and age of the wood you use, it should be as safe as a fire-pit, maybe safer as it usually doesn’t burn all the way through. I love the idea of furniture after it burns. Going to try a tall one next to see if I can get something like a cafe table…

      • I also like the idea of a little table when it’s done. I need to explore ths when I’m settled in — and get my chainsaw…

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