Leaf-Peeper Update


Mother Nature’s Bounty Is Coming To An End

Leaves are coming down and the Stink Bugs are back. We have had a few days of rain and now the wind has kicked up.  The yellow-gold and burnished red leaves are piling up against the doors and walkways, a soft reminder of what will be piling up later.

I always forget about this interlude in the season.  The Leaf-Peepers will feel robbed, the tourist board will make noise,  then everyone will settle back into the routine.  Truth be told, there is so much to do that can only be done in the fall, regardless of the weather or foliage. The apples are plentiful this year for making a day in the orchard. Corn mazes are popping up on every farm and harvest festivals abound on the weekends.

I have done a little research on the area and here’s what you can expect this weekend, most events are free!!

When the rain does hold off, it is still warm enough to kayak the rivers and ponds, and hiking on Mount Monadnock and the Wapack Trail is comfortable this time of year. My personal favorite is riding the trails and seeing the foliage from atop a horse. Rentals and guided trail rides are available in the area.

With so much going on this weekend, I expect to give you several days of “Fun Fall Activities” posts next week.

Additionally, I will bore you to tears (that’s why I should “hand out towels with my blog” as one reader said, not that the posts are so emotional). OK, bore you to tears with my exploits in the wood pile. It is not sexy and fun like “Fifty Shades Of Gray,” but “gray” refers to hair at my age.

Note: To my local readers, I would love to help you make the most of this holiday weekend. Saturday is open house at my humble abode.  If you are headed this way and need directions or information on events in the area, please message me.

6 thoughts on “Leaf-Peeper Update

  1. You are definitely much better than I am at this produce photography! Ah the brewery, brings back memories of school trips–yes, a catholic school class in a brewery! Isn’t there a joke there? Great post!

  2. Awesome schedule . What I want to know is when you are going to start selling your photography…on your website or thru one of the galleries you linked here? You rock with your amazing eye, travel experience….what are you waiting for???

    • Ah, Steph, thank you and I am humbled. Missing fall in New Hampshire with you!

      Might I suggest? Anyone I know who could reasonably expect some sort of holiday surprise from me under the tree, please let me know if there is a shot you like and I will make that my gift. The Plea of a Starving Writer

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