Oil & Vinegar

It was a vinaigrette of change,  drizzled over and forming a marinade my mind.   My excitement of going to work at the Monadnock Oil and Vinegar Company was tempered by the reality that my routine house-of-cards was tossed into the air. Change is never easy, until you throw yourself into it instead of swimming against it. For the first time in over twelve months, I awoke with an eye to creating a new routine. What works best while allowing for old routines? What can I do faster or not at all? Dogs and cats scattered before my mumbling self, as I set the house in order for the day.

So much to learn. The products themselves are indulgent. Who knew there were eight different tastes to pure organic olive oil from around the world? Actually, there are many more than that, but I think starting with eight to educate my palate is plenty.

The customers are fascinating in their reactions. If they have been in before, they are ready for more adventurous tastes or refills of one’s they fell in love with. Several were buying birthday presents. One woman had trekked to the coast, like me, to buy from  Laroux Kitchen. She knew exactly what she wanted; almond oil and two bottles of garlic infused olive oil.

Folks encountering the store for the first time were treated to a taste of Korey’s favorite salad dressing. Mixed to order, walnut oil with cranberry pear balsamic. One elderly woman who came in with her son and looked around in wonder at the shiny Futsis lining the counters. I gave her a taste of the dark chocolate balsamic.  She left literally smacking her lips. Her son called on his way to taking her home, saying she couldn’t stop talking about the taste, and wanted to order three bottles as gifts.

If nothing else, I’m feeling great about being out in the world. I will not stop writing, but this change is very good. The yin and yang of oil and vinegar.


Kim and Korey, owners of Monadnock Oil & Vinegar

14 thoughts on “Oil & Vinegar

  1. So exciting, can’t wait to learn all about the oils and vinegars through your learning and sharing! Discovered a sister store is here in Charleston and will go visit it this weekend. I see lots of creative salads in your future!

  2. As one who tasted Korey’s favorite salad dressing, all I can say is “Wow! Awesome!!” Who says “Oil and vinegar don’t mix?” I know you will do great there and the routine will come in time.

    PS. I also tried the dark chocolate balsamic OMG fantastic!!!!

  3. Thanks Alan. I am so grateful to the owners for their trust in my marketing abilities and inviting me to be part of such a great venture. If you are in Peterborough any time please stop in to say Hi!

  4. Definitely a new chapter in the adventure column. I certainly look forward to following along and fingers crossed, getting a few new tasty tips for the kitchen. Good luck to you and Happy New Year!

  5. Martha, thanks to you and Laura we were the very happy recipients of the Wild Mushroom and Sage Infused Olive Oil. Wow! It’s delicious. 🙂 We had it with a fresh-from-the-oven baguette and fell in love. Now I’ve got to get busy thinking of all the other things I can do with it. Thanks again. And congrats on landing the new job … it looks like fun! ~Terri

    • Thanks Terri. I am working on recipes for the olive oils and vinegars. If you like risotto, the Wild Mushroom and sage is a perfect substitute for butter! I will post the chart for butter/margarine replacement conversions.

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