Pretty much a perfect day…

I could get used to this happy feeling that 2014 has provided me so far. Today was pretty much a perfect day. I had my list of things like laundry, that were the must dos, but there was plenty of time for just slowing down and enjoying.

Starting with a brisk road-ride with two friends. Brit on Miles marched ahead of us, Blessing and Lauren brought up the rear, giggling and chatting all the way. The wind buffeted us in the open areas but there was plenty of sun and the hooves made hollow clopping music on the pavement. The dirt roads were thawed enough to leave prints but not the “shoe-sucking” mud as we will see in the spring. The horses were all so happy to be out. Last week was so cold and icy, just getting from the barn to the pasture was treacherous. Freedom of movement felt wonderful.

I had a recipe I printed out last week and the ingredients were massed on the counter. I will probably be doing a lot more cooking and eating healthier this year.  Working at Monadnock Oil & Vinegar has  my creative cooking juices flowing with ideas of how to use all the fantastic products.

The recipe for Spaghetti Squash Primavera is here, but I did doctor it up a bit on my own. Lacking home-made marinara sauce I cut back on the cheap stuff I did use, to just a cup. The spaghetti squash itself was easy; I baked it for an hour at 400° and it peeled right out of the skin. I added lots of fresh thyme, and used garlic infused oil. At the end, lacking fresh mozzarella, (in my next life I’ll own a cheese shop) I topped it with a bit more grated cheese, panko crumbs and drizzled two oils, garlic and truffle, over the top. Yes, I know it says “skinny taste” as the name of the site, but I’m hoping the cheese will add bulk. Along with eating healthier, I’m hoping to gain some weight, don’t hate me.

The last batch of firewood I brought in was rather messy and the dressage saddle sold so the tackroom/mudroom was crying out for organizing and cleaning. I ticked that off my list and marveled that I’m still picking pine needles out of my socks three weeks after Christmas – and I didn’t even have a tree this year!

Next on the list was ordering my bees for this summer. I plan on adding a hive for my second year of beekeeping. A neighbor with a large garden has asked me to manage a hive for them as well. It seemed a little strange to be dreaming of bees in January but, like gardeners, this is the time to plan and purchase the “seeds” of success for next summer.

The sun was streaming in as I went about my little chores, Yo-Yo Ma’s cello played softly in the background and I thought to myself, “This year will be the step toward noticing all the small things that make me happy.

It occurred to me my first husband is celebrating his birthday today, somewhere in Southeast Asia. Happy Birthday Roger Kidder, where ever you are.

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9 thoughts on “Pretty much a perfect day…

  1. In reading your post, I was struck by so many parallels. I used to own a Friesian mare and loved to ride her on our local trails with friends. It’s hard to get in a good ride in the winter and I didn’t have an indoor arena so she was usually quite full of herself when we went out. Sounds like you really enjoyed the ride.

    We also had a dinner this weekend using spaghetti squash. I posted the recipe on my blog if you are interested. It is very light and full of flavor.

    Bee keeping is something I’ve never done, though I have thought about it. Now that I have 2 1/2 acres of empty field, I am trying to find ways to put it to good use. A vegetable and herb garden this year and maybe some fruit trees next. If I get ambitious, I may have to try the bee keeping thing.

    So glad your 2014 is off to a good start. I think yesterdays weather really put people in a great mood and it’s wonderful that you were able to take full advantage of it.


    • Wow Cindy, parallel universes indeed. Your squash recipe sounds better, I will try it next. If you do a garden you will be really pleased with having bees. They are relatively low maintenance and high yield. I love mine and my neighbors commented that they saw a huge difference in their gardens this year.

      Riding is my passion and my little mare is a perfect partner. We’ve done it all and been there for years. Snow rides are by far the best way to go.

      Enjoy your blogging, wish I were close enough to visit the store.

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