The Dreamcatcher…

I want to write a post that is light and breezy, fun and informative. I want to be at some other place in my life, like where I was just a year ago when things were starting and new on many fronts. I want the rhythms and routines of life to kick in and take me away from the strangeness of losing my friends.

Unfortunately life isn’t about just wishing, it’s taking the actions to move ahead. There are new opportunities presenting already in the infancy of 2015. My circle of people has widened in a year and I find new avenues for expressing who I really am and not being intimidated by it. The key seems to be to appreciate the baby-steps, and recording them regardless of how unimportant they seem at the time. This Monday the local NH television station, channel 9, will re-air the episode they presented of the store a year ago. It was a time of heightened excitement and daily feelings of success. You can view it here:  Fast-forward to 4:41 to by-pass the Chaga story…

Our first cooking demo is next Saturday and a new project is optimistic for the store this year. When I look back, I find hope that I will feel that light, breezy air of the future. It will clear away the gray clouds of current circumstances and I will  be encouraged to write posts of import such that once again I will be proud to say, “I am an author, I write.”

A bee, a key, a coin, and a prism. When I sit and look at the dream catcher in my window where I write, I see the future in my past…


10 thoughts on “The Dreamcatcher…”

  1. New opportunities are on the horizon. You have managed to put the Oil company on the map and have yourself a new nickname in the process. The optimistic possibilities that present themselves in the dreariest time of the year are the true definition of a “silver lining”. add the fact that you now have 3 more “angels” watching over you and guiding you, and 2015 looks to be a wonderfully new chapter…. I am as always proud of you. You are a constant source of awe and amazement to me, Ms. Bunyan. You emit such strength, generosity and courage. You are an inspiration, my doppleganger.

  2. Our futures have always been connected to the past. Without learning from our successes and our failures, we could never move forward. It is in our use of learning that we create our future. You will write happy, airy posts again but don’t deprive yourself of some time to grieve. As Doppleganger pointed out, you now have new angels to watch over and guide you.

  3. I assume that was you in the video piece? 🙂

    We can all reach for the stars and light and joy and passion but sometimes it’s very hard to find and to FEEL. I think we just keep moving forward. Sometimes it comes by stepping outside of our comfort zones, sometimes by grabbing onto new experiences. That wonderful feeling of being ALIVE can take hold, at other times, when we least expect it. This has been my truth, anyway.

    Here’s to a fantabulous 2015 for you, dear Martha!

    1. I was both a “customer” and an employee that day, until two real customers happened by in the middle of the shoot! So much fun but my how the store has changed since…
      Thanks Julie, hoping you have a fantabulous year also!!

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