Chronicle of the day…

I had to sort of sneak around to take these shots, they aren’t terribly good or flattering, and I’ve already posted them on Facebook. Hey, when you are riding a high of happiness, you should be allowed to boast a bit, right?  Lord knows, there are enough people bitching out there about their lives and bad news on every channel.

Image Image 1

New Hampshire Chronicle, from our local ABC affiliate, was in town today to do a short segment on the little store I’m working with. I sent the press release Sunday night, they called Tuesday and BOOM there we were this morning with Mary Paige and Shep from the station. What a cool job they have! I had written  “RESERVED Welcome NH Chronicle”  on the chalkboard out front to save them a parking space. Though we had no customers when they started filming, it was fun and relaxed.

Mary and Shep were anxious to do some tasting themselves. As they finished up filming, Korey began pouring and mixing. Shep got so into the combinations that he came up with a great one himself,  a marinade  – Serrano Honey vinegar and Basil infused oil. They delighted in the Chipotle olive oil mixed with Dark Chocolate vinegar. We were having a party when a couple of customers walked in. This lead to more filming, more tasting and more happy people.

The segment will be edited down to about three minutes, though we spent a couple of hours learning about each other’s jobs. It should air in February, hopefully around Valentine’s Day to coincide with the planned event for that holiday. Marketing 101, but also a lot of luck with timing. It’s a fun seed to watch grow during this gray lifeless time of year in New Hampshire.

Actually, my time lately has been filled with people who genuinely love what they do every day. I bought a creamy hot chocolate the other day from our neighbor store, Ava Marie Chocolates (let me just say that place is dangerous even for a skinny girl!). The woman who served me had sparkling, deep blue eyes. Her sweater matched them perfectly and her whole persona was pure happiness. How can you not  enjoy being surrounded by chocolate eight hours a day? The barn has been a sanctuary of calm; humans who are contented and whole around their animals. Everywhere I turn so far this year, I’m finding joy.

6 thoughts on “Chronicle of the day…

    • Alan, it was interesting to see the process of putting together a segment. Since it wasn’t live, we got to do lots of tweaking. Then it all goes to the editing department and Erin or Sean will do the intro and voice-over. The segment will be whittled down to about 3 minutes.

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