Where’s the Beef?

Yes, as in a Big Mac attack. That’s sort of how I would sum up today. Oh Steve Jobs, I loved you and your products, and I know asking more than ten years of service out of a piece of technology is pushing the limits. But to have to start over?

This is the first brush-stroke on my pristine new machine. I managed to break it out of the box and have it up and usable, not to mention it found all my passwords and stuff somewhere in this home network. So it only made sense to take this perfect, blank tablet/sheet of paper/canvas and anoint it with my thoughts.

The good news was the Apple store refunded the $99 they had charged to move all my data from the resting-in-peace elderly MacBook Pro. The bad news is they were unable to retrieve any of the data from said machine. No photos, no documents and more distressing, no Quicken 2007 with my financial life history.  So be it. Time for a new system and I can piece together what has gone missing or recreate/rebuild what I need. Let’s face it. Most of my life is available through a simple google search. The other day Korey did a search for photos using the store name and every photo I have ever posted on a blog popped up along with others with no connection which gave me the horrifying thought, “I have no idea of how they got there?”

I’ve no idea how many computers I have owned in the past twenty-five years. I say 25 because that seems to be roughly when the first one came into my life as a regular force of  nature. Jeff and I used to haul a Compaq “portable” case to the cottage on weekends. One end of the monster opened and revealed the keyboard. No mouse. The inner part that was now exposed was the screen, smaller than this new laptop and consisted of simply a black background with green letters when you typed. We played an arcane game that required you to visualize a scene and move around it finding clues and weapons. I think it was called Zork.

Sitting here this evening, after a day of defeat in my techno-environment, I don’t feel too bad about starting over. Maybe I will keep this machine clean and organized. It has a wonderful feature for linking all common themed files together. The sales rep showed me but of course, I have no recollection of how to do it. But yes, perhaps, for once I will start with a clean slate and keep it tidy and uncluttered.

One can dream…


9 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. I had the same experience when my hard drive died. I begin to wonder when they say they can’t retrieve ANYTHING…really? But starting fresh has a certain appeal.

    • I’ll start over clean and thank my stars that most of the important stuff was duplicated on my desk top computer, but yes, I do wonder how true it is that they can’t retrieve anything when the machine was running when I left it with them…

  2. I have multiple external hard drives, all of my images and documents get stored on my computer and on the external drive. I don’t know what I would do if I lost all of my data! Here’s hoping the new laptop will give you as many years of service!

  3. I’m sure that someone out there could get every last byte off your old computer. We had a similar situation on a work computer and we got everything off it, but it cost some serious money. Usually if the hard drive still spins they can get the data off it, so if you decide to trash it make sure you remove or disable the hard drive.

  4. I’ve always had Mircrosoft computers until now but Commando got me a MacBook for Christmas and I love it to bits. So much quicker and simpler. I’ve got an iPhone and and iPads too so I guess Steve Jobs has had his share of my money but it’s money well spent. Not so sure about keeping things uncluttered though, it always sounds like a good idea in theory, in practice, not so easy. My blog is my picture store, when ever I want an old photo I search the archives and find it.

  5. I went straight from Terminal emulation to Mac computers. So when it comes to Microsoft and PCs I’m a complete idiot. I have been very lucky with the products to date so shouldn’t complain if one finally gave up the ghost…

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