When you know the evening is going to end with a kiss and a promise to be on the other end of the phone in the morning…nothing more expected.

When you feel so conflicted, but in your heart you know life must play itself out; and that in the last episode of this series you will come out on top.

When you look back and see things as much more perfect than they were in reality; or you wouldn’t be looking back from here…

When you wish and you pray and you keen and you cry and the world seems intolerably mean and unjust. Then you break through, and recognize all those words were what you imposed on yourself, none of them hold any meaning to the life you are living.

When simply sitting with someone facing the end of their time on this earth is enough. Being allowed such personal insight into the workings of the human mind. The regrets to be faced, the joys to be relived, the acceptance that they did their best for the eighty odd years that were granted them.

When you wake up in the middle of the night for no clear reason. The full moon is lighting up the world and the only movement is the clouds skittering by, high in the sky.

When a smile is returned with a wink from a stranger, as your paths cross. It means nothing more than I see you seeing me.

When you catch yourself thinking about how you would have done things differently, only to realize, had you changed one thing, you would not have learned, grown and achieved what you have today.

When you stop, at the end of the day, and look at your life at its most stripped down simplistic routine of living, and you reward yourself for being as true as you can be to yourself and who you want to be.


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