Giving Thanks on Easter (post number 333)

I worked efficiently with a long to-do list yesterday, buying myself the freedom to take Easter off and just honor life outdoors. It wasn’t necessarily warm. I was sitting in my truck at a convenience store at one point in the day. A girl stepped hurriedly out the door dressed in a spaghetti-strapped sun-dress and flip-flops. I glanced down at the turtleneck, fleece and down vest I was sporting and just smiled. April in New Hampshire.

First order of the day was a brisk ride with Robin and Julia at the barn. We set out and wound through the sand pit to Hill Road. The long stretches of deserted dirt road invited good canters and lots of laughing. Back through the woods, across to the orchard and we burst out into a field again. The horses are sporting the remains of their winter fluff and were huffing. Hawks circled in a perfect blue sky.

From there I went for my inaugural fried clam lunch of the season at Kimball Farm, a local legend for grease and people watching. I should have taken a photo of how much food this establishment shovels up. It’s good, but how much fried food can your system stand in a singe meal? I won’t feel the need to go back at least until July.

Wilson and I loaded the kayaks and headed out for Grassy Pond in Jaffrey. I am always amazed, on the maiden voyage of the year, how calming it is on the water and how little effort it takes to propel oneself, silently approaching the resident wildlife.


There is a small island in the pond, and someone has a rough camp built on the sunny side.

DSC_6724 DSCN2756

The camp was a juxtaposition of worlds. Bud Lite cans were sunken and strewn near the rickety dock. But the interior was tidy, almost welcoming. The wild blueberries wove a tangled fence around the edge of the small spot, and careful selection of plants allowed just enough light through the tall pines for the mountain laurel to flourish on the forest floor.


The song of the red-winged blackbirds in the swamp was lyrical.  The many ducks were flighty, the loons were aloof, and two geese gave little notice of me.

DSC_6718 DSC_6721 DSC_6731

A perfect day of firsts for the year!

9 thoughts on “Giving Thanks on Easter (post number 333)

  1. What a wonderful way to spend Easter! I haven’t been to Kimball’s in several years, but you are right, they do certainly serve up a mountain of food. It will probably be several weeks before I get out my own kayak. 2 1/2 days post surgery and I am still in too much pain to do anything!!! Looking forward to getting out and enjoying the spring weather as soon as possible!

    • The scary thing about Kimballs is the folks who eat all that greasy food then order huge ice cream desserts.

      Looking forward to sharing kayak trips soon! Feel better and don’t push it.

  2. It does look just perfect. Been thinking about a kayak – water is a changing experience – always different when you go – but always wonderful.
    We ditched it all and ate leftover shrimp before heading to a local hiking trail near a local wetlands/marsh – it was sunny but not so hot the dog melted – and we beat the crowds (always a plus) Thanks for sharing the pcitures

  3. The boat trip looks like fun. As someone who has always lived by the water I’m ashamed to say I’ve never learned to sail or row. Maybe one day. The little cabin is wonderful too, it looks quite inviting, if a little sparse.

    • I love seeing the differences that you and I experience and how we appreciate each other’s worlds. I love your walks and now when I write I think, Marie will read this and the town of Jaffrey means nothing to her so do you mention it? Then I think of Alan, reading this a town or two over, and say, “Yea, I have to say Grassy Pond in Jaffrey.” I am absolutely not a boat person. The kayak I see as merely an extension of my body, like my mare…like your feet and walking!

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