Renewal (Title stolen from blogger Marie Keates)

Let’s all agree, there are an over-abundant number of posts from our favorite bloggers  waxing poetic on the renewal we are all feeling after a long and arduous Winter. I’m jumping on the band wagon (what the hell is a band wagon??) here with my version of what made my heart skip a beat and my senses quicken today.


My father bought this fountain for me 27 years ago. We have shared four homes.


It’s lost a lot of definition over the years. I plugged it in tonight, after a winter outdoors, and it bubbled to life.


The Peonies are struggling to push through the leaves.


How appropriately the Bleeding Heart is the first to unfurl after a season of darkness.

The fact that we all made it without giving up on writing about it, is tribute to the soul of an artist.

8 thoughts on “Renewal (Title stolen from blogger Marie Keates)

  1. I find the water flowing in a fountain has such a calming effect. I have two, both given to me by my mom. One is outside and one is a desktop version that I can enjoy even in the winter. I’m glad this winter is over and the renewal we all feel is a thing of beauty unto itself!

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