Normally, I am pissed at people who took the easy way out and “reposted” other’s blogs. It was a huge compliment and totally boosted your stats when someone kindly reposted one of yours, but it seemed ingenuous, unless it was in addition to their regular posts, as if they were taking a day off from work and using someone else’s post to get them off the hook.

“I read you for your thoughts, don’t cop-out on me by reposting. I could have found that myself!” was always my immediate reaction. Until I read something that made me catch my breath, someone who looked inside my head and spilled my thoughts without permission. Then I wanted to repost their wondrous words, as if I can somehow take credit for them by giving them my  “seal of approval.”  And really, who am I out here with my paltry number of “followers” to think I could make a difference in this wonderful spinner of words life, with my “Atta boy?”

But as one who lives by words, I will bow down and tell you, this touched me as nothing I have written lately has touched me. Behold:


Do you hear them?
Their voices, like echos, fill your spirit.
Fill your spirit.
Their newborn cries, love you mommys, we cans.
Their laughter, their summer squeals, their evening yawns.
They were good enough.

Do you hear you?
You said get up, draw a line.
Cross the line.
You said you could. You did.
You said it loud enough for them to hear.
You are good enough.

In the days you feel unloved,
love yourself.
In the days you feel unworthy,
value yourself.
In the days you feel discounted,
count yourself.
Your voice is the only voice you were born with.
Your voice is the only voice you will take with you.

So speak.

Reblogged from amycoryblog.

13 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. That is wonderful! It sounds like something Maya Angelou would have written. Nice words to live by!

  2. Yes. and that one step, understanding that, is an epiphany. If nothing else happens in life I pray that for people. I may only be one in a billion however many,people, but I am one in a billion and unique.

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting Cheryl. Agreed, no one can love me like myself, and until I do, I can’t expect the world to see my value. I loved this post, so close to the heart…

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