June 13th and I’m still here!


My mother’s gift of a lilc is a late bloomer every year


Planters from my mother-in-law come out and grow Portulaca headdresses every summer.

It’s not supposed to be this cold. But this is what we’ve got, so I’ll go with it. A monumental day in the life of a me. Mosty because I looked really hard at the little things and was so pleased with what I saw.

There was the crazy guy who came into the shop at the end of the day.  He was handing out photo copied pages about how the world could be redeemed if we would all just grow hemp.  He had been to Holland seven times and just got his license to drive a car at 57 years old. He claimed to suffer from some strange disease, a sad story, but I was starting to wonder if the $16.95 he pledged to spend so I would listen to his drivel, was worth it.

Tonight  I took my camera to record the devastation of my personal nature and haven. The logging operation has begun to soften with the greening of the woods. Today the US post office brought me a check for some of the wood that Wilson and his buddy labored over.  I have mentioned with disdain my  latest lawn ornament,  a bright yellow skidder.


As to the check? It will buy me several months of board for my beloved Night. I promised Wilson and Co. we would spit everything, 1/3 to each. I’m holding back for taxes but we all  make out quite well with lots of firewood and a stipend for the disruption.

Maybe next year I will plant Hemp!?


5 thoughts on “June 13th and I’m still here!

  1. One of the joys of working at a place open to the public…you never know what the wind will blow in. You can’t just blow it back out again, so you are stuck listening to the drivel. Congrats on the check, I know every little bit helps!

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