When my sister, Zanne, and I get going on one of our hour+ phone calls, trying to right the world, or at the very least our own little corners, she invariably throws in my favorite line, “Well, enough about me! What do YOU think of me?”  It’s our cue to stop, laugh at life and move on.

We all want to tell our story. In some way we seek to define, through words, written or spoken or drawn from another substance, who we are. I feel pressed to put the random thoughts and crushing emotions of daily life into words, then send those words out into the world.

Early on in life, I found solace in just writing them out, long-hand in journals and notebooks. Maybe for others it was doodles and sketches, or tunes they wove to the music in their minds. We all do it, sing in the shower, dance when slightly giddy and alone.

The goal is not to be recognized, it is to pour it out and hope it looks as good as you expected in your mind’s eye. Being recognized is a warm reward, a pat on the back, at cookie after school and someone who sits down and really listens to your heart.

This week has held several cookies for me. I am riding that wave of warmth and want the world at large to know I am humbly grateful for the recognition. I am honored to be chosen by WordPress for my post on Monday being awarded  FRESHLY PRESSED.

A mere 391 days of getting up every morning and saying, “Hey, I had this thought…” I will stay awake until midnight replying to all the wonderful, creative souls who have “liked”, “commented” , or “reposted” my simple words.

Humbled barely describes my feelings. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Pressed”

  1. Yea! Seems to me, you have spend 391 days polishing the apple…. now it’s time to take a big juicy crispy bite, let its taste explode in your mouth and eat it without wiping the apple juice from your chin! Just enjoy the proverbial fruits of your labors unabashedly! Good on ya!

  2. I am new to The Land of Blog and coming across something as refreshing and REAL as your blog helps to inspire and motivate me to keep at it! Good stuff indeed.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Plugging away, striving for clarity and being mindful of grammar and spelling are the hardest part but it does pay off over time. A reward like this makes it all seem easy but it isn’t and I had lots of dark days. Keep at it!

      1. Agree. I tend to get in a hurry to hit Publish and need to take more time ensuring proper grammar, spelling and a cohesive thought process! Patience Grasshopper!

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