And So It Goes…

“Shit happens, and it’s awful, but it’s also okay. We deal with it because we have to.”

And sometimes an overload of good shit happens. How we deal with any of it defines our lives.

I don’t have a post for today. I have written for the last 24 hours continuously. I have reached out to everyone who found the time to like, comment or repost my blog of Monday. The blogosphere is a strange world. I am in my solitary place, my writing space and words are pouring from my fingertips, as I reach back out. Manners and who I am demand that I personally acknowledge everyone. Let them know I am touched. Last night I sat down to tackle the 12 reposts, innumerable comments and many “likes” that piled up since I left work. I hadn’t even had the time yet, to follow-up on each blog so I can add them to my reading list.

Add to that a heartfelt and totally unexpected note of appreciation from the store owners, Kim and Korey and it was quite a day. A day where the minor frustrations of people who seem oblivious to the common rules of sharing this planet, far outweighed the wonder of feeling so good.

Some sites I clicked on were dead-ends. “How To Make $$ With Your Blog” is a common them on the landing page of a few. Another I thought, at first glance of their blog, was a hip, young, London-based rock band. Upon further digging, I discovered they are a shoe company. I’m sorry, I’m confused here about why you reblogged my post?

If I can’t find an “About Me” page, I move on. There are no get rich quick schemes in writing, trust me. Some had beautifully laid out, enticing homes. These are writers I shall revisit and follow. For the most part, people have reached out to say they felt a connection to my simple worlds. I am shocked and pleased that each took the time out of their busy days to leave me a note of encouragement and support. So many strangers I will probably never meet who have reached out.  I am frightened that I am not worthy of their respect. There is such a huge world of people out there, quietly going about the business of self-expression.

Meanwhile, I have no post for today…or do I?

and so it goes…       Kurt Vonnegut


18 thoughts on “And So It Goes…

  1. Well deserved. I might add here that there are those of us who read your blog daily, yet for one reason or another do not or cannot leave a comment at the time…just know that what you have written is thought about and carried with us all through out the day…. at least until your next one comes to replace it.

  2. Martha, isn’t the blogging world a fascinating place? You obviously touched a note that resonated with so many … that’s a wonderful talent you have. Some people call it “bliss.”

    I don’t know if you listen to “Radio Lab.” They did an episode about the feeling of bliss. In the episode, Aleksander Gamme explains that as part of his preparation for a solo trek across Antarctica (talk about a solitary pursuit!), he buried caches of food for himself so that he can avoid carrying all his provisions across the continent. Later, you get to hear him experience extreme happiness when he locates one of the caches of food after months of trekking alone.
    So, for your weekend viewing pleasure, I give you Aleksander, aka “The Cheese Doodles Guy.” 🙂 ~Terri

  3. It seems like being successful is a double edged sword. Just keeping up with my reading is tough going here at the moment, never mind having lots of extra comments to reply to. Feel free to ignore this one 🙂

    • Thanks Marie. I am happy to have so much to catch up on when I remember those long, dark days of questioning if anyone would ever care what I wrote. Support of other writers, like yourself, through the hard times make it all worth while!

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