July 2014

The soft patter of summer rain draws the curtain on July while the thunder far in the distance heralds the arrival of August.  I always think of August as the last hurrah, winding down of summer, probably because September always meant the restart of school and the race toward the holidays.

It was an excellent month. I stuffed many scribbled scraps of paper into my “Happy Jar.” This is where I store the thoughts and events from the year. On New Year’s Eve, I sit by the fireplace, open the jar, and spread the scraps around me on carpet. I carefully unfold each, and remember the tiny details of the last twelve months. I relive the highs and laughs, the positive energy I felt through-out the year. Then I place each carefully on the fire and vow to carry that good will into the next year.

It’s a simple habit. One I highly recommend.

This past 31 days has been particularly full of bright spots. Beyond the mere events and accomplishments, the wisdom to revel in the warmth and freedom of summer has been at the forefront of my consciousness. I know the time is short;  the joy of sun and air on my bare skin, the length of the days before the bright moon takes over the sky, and the blessing of falling asleep to frogs singing love songs is precious in this part of the world.


9 thoughts on “July 2014

    • It is really interesting to go back at the end of the year and read the little snippets. I hear so many people say, “What a crappy year that was! So glad it’s over!” Having those small moments to remind us is important!

  1. That is a great idea with the jar. And I like the way you review, burn, then go forward. Np chance for resting on laurels…motivating as well as celebrating.
    Sept. always seemed like the start of the new year to me. Summer and wandering trips done, new shoes, and a new room at school – later, business budgets start up then. And weather changes away from the dreadful hear. It always seem a new and energetic time

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