Marching to a different drum…

I missed the first birthday of my novel. It was officially published and released on August 12 of last year. That day began the roller coaster ride of life with a major event crossed off my bucket list. August 12th 2014 I celebrated with my sister, Zanne; never thinking of the significance. We had a peaceful visit and I can’t beat myself up about missing the book’s birthday. I have moved so much farther on in twelve months.

When I realized the date was coming up I searched my blog posts for the exact date, it  reminded me that too much looking back only makes me question steps on my current path. That is a negative side-track that doesn’t lead to happiness or inner peace. The money spent, the scales tipped, the time gone. I wouldn’t be where I am had I not made choices and feeling good about them for whatever they taught me is key.

I started this post about shoes, very light and airy, not deep or thoughtful. Perhaps it is the symbolism of shoes that I was missing while the subject filled my tiny brain.

Coming up on my second anniversary of being under-employed/leaving the high life/finding happiness. It occurred to me today – it’s all about the shoes! If your feet aren’t happy, chances are you attitude is going to suffer. I have always loved varying my outlook on the world, based on my footwear. My house is awash with stashes of appropriate footwear. Today, I added to the collection.

Picture if you will, jumping from a cab, curbside on Central Park South, to race through a Hotel like the Ritz, get to your room, change footgear and head out to a business dinner. The choice of shoes would go something like this:


Ballet Flats for the flight, cowgirl boots if it was winter. Heels, carried and donned just before walking to the table for dinner, across lush deep carpets. I have a closet full of these tall and mean pumps. I called them “cruel shoes” but felt equal in size to my business associates and powerful enough to take on their challenges.

Today I need to be taller again. At 5’3″, the Fusti tanks on the top shelves require tip-toes and a stretch. This is great calf exercise, but taller shoes would help. I can’t stomp around all day in heels so these lovely, little dainty slippers will get the job done:


As to the other piles of assorted necessary foot-gear, these are a few of those deemed barn-worthy:

DSC_7686 DSC_7687

Just as New England will soon require I drag out the basket of mittens and gloves, footwear will become sturdy and stout. Water and weather-proofing are highly sought-after features. But for now, there is still a hint of summer in the air and lighter fair is piled in another corner…

I shall once again march through my forest on snowshoes, and not care a whit about patent leather pumps. That’s what this past year has taught me – comfortable, proper footwear is the key to happiness.

14 thoughts on “Marching to a different drum…

  1. I had just scribbled a piece about a 36 legged monster in a fit of despair at ever doing the simple life and of course sorting out for Autumn. Love this! Mine is still brewing. But you can never have too many shoes…even having left the rat race…

  2. Several years ago, I swore off uncomfortable shoes. If I have a special occasion, I’ll wear heels, but only put them on when I’m ready to get out of the car; then I take them off under the dinner table and as soon as I get back into the car.

    • I love sexy shoes but years of abuse have made my feet rebel every time I try to wear them. I could open a consignment store with the boxes in my closet. I look lovingly at them then through on a pair of flip-flops!

  3. Happy birthday to your book! I used to live in “cruel shoes”. I could wear them day and night. I have since come to my senses and don’t even own a pair. Several years ago, I developed a bunion and now I live in Jungle Mocs and Keen sandals!

  4. Happy Birthday to your novel, Martha. It’s a great accomplishment. Isn’t amazing the changes that can happen in a year? People coming into and out of our lives: the same with possessions – especially shoes. Like you, when I was racing around in business attire, my shoes defined me. Now, I still love finding great shoes … but not so high. 🙂 ~Terri

  5. I’m a ‘flats’ girl myself! And my favorite summer foot attire is a khaki-colored canvas pair of Rocket Dogs lined with jute that are starting to wear a little thin. Have been searching for a replacement but to no avail. When, oh when, will I learn to buy multiples when I come across the ‘perfect’ thing?!?

  6. Having published a novel is a wonderful accomplishment. You should be very proud. As far as shoes go I’m for comfort always. When I was younger I wore big heels but now I look back I’m not sure how I did it.

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