Sisters, connected by the genetic tissue but separated by the trick of memories. Was it like this? No it was like that! Different impressions of the same events yet no one else in this lifetime has those minute details, however dissimilar, of your early life.

We laid out a plan, the best of those are when they go awry. A trip to Burdick’s Chocolates. A mid-point to meet was agreed upon so that part of the journey could be shared.  We wound our way into the hills, marveling at the river-bottom farms and places we had visited on earlier trips. Burdick’s was closed. Major renovations taking place. Where in this tiny hamlet to eat? Two choices but after a quick drive through town, the Ruggles and Hunt store called. We spent hours being silly, giggling and trying on outfits of future personae. We were lost in the roles of sisters.

Brunch was a long faded memory as we sought out the Walpole Inn for an early dinner. They were just rolling the clay tennis court when we pulled into the small parking lot. A quick read of the menu and we were seated on the porch overlooking a fun garden of perennials and veggies. About half-way through dinner, Zanne leaned across the table and said, ‘do you smell barnyard?” It was the smell of goodness and animals who had been out in the grass and sun all day. In an odd way, it complimented our dinner.

Tomorrow she flies back to her life and mine returns to its crazy, crooked path. I have no doubt change is in the air for both of us. Regardless of where we find ourselves in the months to come, we always know where to find each other….


14 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. As the eldest of six girls I can totally relate! We’re similar in a few ways such as a shared sense of humor inherited from our dad but otherwise each of us is, as my husband points out, as different from the other as can be. I don’t know if you’ve visited my blog or not but we grew up in an environment different than any of our classmates for Dad owned and operated a sawmill (thus the name of my blog A Sawyer’s Daughter.). Here’s a sample that describes what it was like:

    Anyway, really enjoyed this one, Martha. Your descriptions are vivid and brought a smile to my face. 🙂

  2. Aren’s sisters marvelous Martha! I have 3 and I can’t imagine life without them. We live in different cities – well, states actually, but as you said, we always know where to find each other…. Here’s hoping for good things with the “change in the air” you alluded to. 🙂 ~Terri

  3. I’m sure you are going to miss Zanne as she heads back to AZ. I’m not close with either of my sisters, not in memories or location, but I do understand about people not having the same recollections of events. Isn’t the Walpole Inn fabulous!

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