Change is the only constant…

Is it just me or has this been a really strange week all around? Blame it on the stars, the moon or menopause if you have to, but this week was long and bizarre from an energy level. Blog readership was way off, store traffic was like someone turn a switch and the lights went out, phone calls from family were scant and even traffic on my rural route to work was uncharacteristically light. I felt alone in the world, much of the time.

Social Media, (that should have been all caps) was awash with comments seeking solace or heartwarming pet stories. I have begun to avoid Facebook as much as I ignore the television world news…too emotional. Interestingly, my housemates have been more “clingy” seeking  more physical touch, more rubs, more hugs and scratches. (They are cats and dogs if you just joined us.)

It makes sense that a seasonal change would bring on a sense of disconnection. Recently built routines must alter as kids go back to school, summer vacations wrap up and the race toward the holidays ensues. But animals don’t know all that?

Even the lushness of summer seems to becoming brittle. Like emotions, the seeds of the flowers are flying in all directions tossed into orbit by the slightest breeze. Acorns are raining down on vehicles and decks. Pine needles catch in every crevice and cling as sticky, miniature haystacks.

The best I can do is sit with the feeling, acknowledge its strength at the moment, seek solace in the fact that others are feeling the same shift, and wait it out. Because change is the only constant.


7 thoughts on “Change is the only constant…

  1. Perhaps the “housemates” are not really clingy, but feel your sense of “aloneness” as the season changes and are paying you more attention than usual… Very intuitive beasties. Gotta love that!

  2. It has been a week of change for me as well. Almost 70 hours in a house belonging to a man now gone. Feeling somewhat like a voyeur as I clean out his underwear draw and paw through all of the personal things he spent a lifetime collecting. I could use some of those hugs your roommates are passing out!

  3. It’s been an odd week here too. Work has been challenging to say the least and there have been frayed tempers in the office and at home, not mine I hasten to add. Along with the house clearance, horrible weather and Commando having a week off work while I didn’t, it’s seemed never ending and difficult. Maybe it’s the change of the seasons unsettling everyone.

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