Lists and such…

Loaded for the dump with smelly bags? Check

Grocery store and farm stand lists done? Check

Home to unload and off to the barn. Check

Night and I went out alone. She was reticent about leaving the comfort of the barnyard and her field-mates. We took a long, slow saunter down the road and cut into the woods. Her interest picked up as we chose a trail and headed through the brush.  There was only my mind to capture our bursts of joyful gallops along the dirt road, the bug-free (al last) trots through the thick underbrush, and the meanderings on deserted lengths of tar.

Gazpacho assembled including fragrant herbs and a fresh fennel bulb? Check

Chicken drumsticks parboiled and stewing in a thick marinade? Check

Cheese, sausage, shrimps and ice tea chilled for a break as Wilson mowed the lawn? Check

Next on the list was my reward – to kayak on Dublin Lake. I became so incensed at the tardiness of Wilson that I walked, fully loaded with gear to his house. I heard the compressor running as I approached, pumping the dead tire on his truck. All for naught, my anger. As I stomped up the hill through his yard, a huge garden-variety snake slithered away in horror. It was enough to make me retreat to the road and burn off my irritableness walking the extra mileage to his driveway and up the gravel expanse. Wilson was fuming in his own way at the glitch in timing.

Slipping into the waters of the lake and watching the boulders retreat to the depths below lifted my mood. The wind blew the kayaks toward the far shore where sailboats were plying the breeze. I slowly spun atop the water to take in the glorious summer homes surrounding the lake and moved into the sun to pay homage to Mt. Monadnock looking down on us. Lists are good and bring a certain sense of accomplishment. Letting it all go and just drifting is more rewarding in the end.

DSC_1076 DSC_1080

11 thoughts on “Lists and such…

  1. I live by lists! It is always rewarding to be able to cross things off as done. At least you were eventually able to cross “Go kayaking” off the list. Dublin Lake is one of the windiest lakes in the state.

    • Living by lists keeps me moving forward, there is something so satisfying about crossing things off then throwing the whole thing away! I didn’t know that about Dublin Lake. It certainly had a lot of happy sailors.

  2. Loved your post and I agree. Lists efficiently free up your time so you can relax and then forget about lists while you do something you enjoy. I live by lists and the calendar and when I go on holidays I take off my watch and don’t plan anything! That lake looks very relaxing and you have sunshine!!! It was 3 Celsius (36 degrees), dark and overcast when I walked our dog Rosie this morning. It’s great to see sunny pics, keep them coming!

  3. It is only fair that you post sunny summer pics when I am in the dread, dead of winter Mark! For now I am sucking up all the sun I can get. As to lists, I have lists of my lists!!

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