Crisis Averted…

No time to write tonight because the “kids” are back. Doggie Day Care commenced at 5am this morning. Hanni had a business trip and B is working two jobs. It was too long a day for Chuck,Thelma and Gaia to spend alone. If you haven’t already met the pack, read Unending Doggie Day Care. 

Alice welcomed them with a snarl, she was just finishing her breakfast (we have a quiet routine that revolves around Alice in the morning) and Thelma respectfully backed off. A thunderstorm rolled through at 7am and the deluge chased everyone off the deck but Gaia. The perennial kid, she raced in and out, finally sprawling outside, tongue lolling, on the wet cushions.

All day I feared the worst; Gaia would be missing, the couch would be in shreds, pillows would be emptied of their feathers, and the glass coffee table would be shattered into deadly shards as one of the four bled out on my carpet. I envisioned a disemboweled Skeedles Cat and antique furniture sporting teeth marks.

It rained off and on all day at work. From sweltering sun to dark, rumbling storms, I thought of them alone in the house.

At the end of the day, I walked in to find the frenzy of four dogs happy to see me. Nothing else was amiss. A quick check of the yard produced a slightly mauled chipmunk, but my cat Skeedles was most likely to blame as her preferred prey is small rodents. Nuts to You was a good example of our disagreement on “offerings.”

I suspected those were dog footprints on the round, glass-topped table. Later, glancing out the window, my suspicions were confirmed. Crisis Averted, not worth arguing about…


15 thoughts on “Crisis Averted…

  1. HA. Saw that First picture and thought “Dog on a table? Yes, that’s a dog on the table.” So things are back to neo-normal for the dogs (you have to just tail along). Hopefully the rain will leave – clouds and cooler OK for fur. Molly always challenges the German with ruff up and teeth at the front door every single time – every time. If it’s not raining, I get a heads up call and get Molly into the back yard so the German can enter and then run out back too – they will joust without teeth or snarls and drink water, potty in same area and it’s all wonderful. …but Molly has figured it out and gets very suspicious if I try to get her outside now….she recognizes approaching car sounds. We’ve even resorted to getting Molly on the leash out walking where we “accidentally” meet up with the German who “oddly” seems to be walking to our house and they come in together…but Molly seems to have figured that out, too.
    Well, they say problem solving keeps the brain healthy as we age?
    Glad the pack is back and happy again

    • Thank you Phil. You do get the Husky attitude. She is perfect for me because I am Alpha but there is no calendar to tell you when it is a secret Husky Holiday from reality. She is, as Hanni says, “A piece of work!” We should all be more like dogs as Susan from “Marsha’sBungalo” commented.

      • This is why they make all those breeds take a SEPARATE obedience class. They are so stubborn and they disrupt the regular classes like naughty little kids.

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